Saturday, December 31, 2011

Our year in a nutshell:

Here we are last New Year's Eve. We've has a lot of fun this year. I was trying to think of all the accomplishments we had this year. I can't think of too many things I've accomplished by myself, but here's some of our bigger events we've had throughout the year.
Right after the new year, Rylee turned one. She also started walking, and started to learn how to talk as well. And now that she knows how to talk, she doesn't stop talking :) (kind of like her mom.)
Reese learned to read. We still have more practicing to do, but she is doing pretty good.
Reese turned four. She has seemed so much older this year. She has turned into a little lady, and is no longer a baby. She is very much a big sister and I am constantly trying to make sure she does not become the mother of Rylee, although she wants to be.
We bought our first pet. Something I never thought would ever happen.
Rylee got her first black eye.
We have done lots of what I love to do in the summer, which is hanging outside, having a barbeque and letting the kids play.

Rylee and Jeremy both had some hospital stays this year. Rylee has been doing much better, while we have yet to figure out what is going on with Jeremy.
Reese learned to swim on her own. She could use more practice, but she got pretty good. We went on two vacations, both with my family. One to Park City, and one to Bear Lake, both fun.
Reese's first hair color.

Reese goes to preschool.
Another year, of matching family halloween costumes
Also this year we lost someone who is very important to us all. Jeremy's Grandpa Creamer. I think as a family, we felt this lost quite a bit, even the little girls.

As far as accomplishments go, I feel like I have one, My cakes. I have made (if you count a batch of cupcakes as 1 cake, as well,) 50 cakes! Which is actually pretty awesome. I have to admit, it was always something I really wanted to learn how to do, but didn't think I ever would. I started with fondant cakes a few months before this year started. But during this year is when I have done most of them. With each cake I think I've been getting better. During this year I have also started selling my cakes, and have sold quite a few.

So there you have it, there's a brief overview of our year. It was a good one. Next year looks to be a good one as well, with lots of new things. I plan to Potty train Rylee, we have a trip to Disneyland planned, Reese will start Elementary school, and that's is probably just scratching the surface. Happy New Year to you all!


Reed & Melinda Family said...

Is this an old cake that you did or are you telling us something?

Leah Aston said...

What a great post to give an overview of the year. It's fun to read!