Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Play group anyone?

Ok, so there weren't too many takers on my swimming idea, but there was just enough. We had lots of fun. 
Reese was so excited to go swimming again since it's been awhile.
If you can't tell I'm totally soaked. They had the water toys off, and then turned them on with no warning, needless to say I was standing right underneath a huge fountain of some sort.
Reese kept taking everyone's water toys, so next time I'll know that I better bring some with us. Afterwards we all went to Mcdonald's and let the kids play and eat. We had so much fun my friend Stephanie and I decided we are starting a play group. First Monday of every month we are going to do it. So the first Monday in Feb. is next week. We would love for anyone and everyone to come play. We'll most likely be doing them all in the late morning, till or through lunch time. If any one wants to come let me know. We were thinking of going sledding (weather, and snow conditions permitting,) or if it's too cold we thought maybe we'd try Chuck E Cheese. We'll do it every month and I'm open to different ideas. We'd love to have some of you come play.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's official, she's a girly girl!

Reese was starting to carry around my purses. So for Christmas I bought her a purse, Tayler bought her a  cute little backpack(below), and Ashley bought her this really cute one (in the pic. above.) But when she got them she didn't seem to really care. And I felt bad that she didn't act more excited, (especially for Ashley and Tayler.) But I just think that she was getting so much stuff she was a little overwhelmed.
The point I'm trying to make is that now she is obsessed with all her purses. Sometimes she'll carry just one around all day. But most of the time it has to be all three. Especially when we go out she says "Oh purse!" And has to go find one. Also at the store, if anyone talks to her (which is often,) she has to hold up her purse/purses, and say "purse, pretty!"
So a big THANK YOU, to Tayler and Ashley! She loves them. What makes me laugh is how girly she is, and I think it's my fault. Hopefully that's not a bad thing when she gets bigger. I think we'll try and get her interested in sports as well to counteract the girliness, but you never know if that will work!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Unwanted Visitors!

 Earlier today I looked out my window and to my surprise there was a lady standing in my driveway with her camera. Now last year I would get scared when this would happen. I would get freaked out and wonder why people were taking pictures of my house, or why they would be standing right next to my window, or pull there car into my carport in the back and get out, and be standing right outside my bedroom door. But now I know, and I'll tell you why...... The deer.
I have to admit I like that deer live in my backyard, they are usually there every day, for at least a while. And Reese loves it. But I DO NOT like the people they bring with them. My house is not a petting zoo. In case any of you are wondering it is not polite to stand in a strangers yard with your cameras, or go down their driveway, or leave apples all over,that is how people get racoons. Sorry for my little vent, if any of you would like to come see the deer feel free. But if I don't know you then please just drive on by, they're just deer.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Home Improvements!

As some of you know, we recently moved into a house in which we gutted and remodeled. We moved in a little too soon, and have a few minor things to finish. Over this last week Jeremy and I finally got a little bit of it done. Up to this point I have been putting all my utensils and stuff in this very classy tupperware drawer.
But I finally decided to find my drawers and paint them, which didn't take very long at all. I think I'm most excited about them. Although the tupperware drawer was very nice. :)

I haven't had shelves in any of my cupboards for over a year. The funny thing is that last week Jeremy realized they were all painted and ready to be put up. So five minutes later I had shelves, and my cupboards were organized, (too bad I didn't realized it a year ago, but what can you do?)
We've had a hard time finding mirrors for our bathroom, we finally found some at Rod Works. And on top of that Jeremy put up the backsplash.
And here there we put up a few of our decorations, I have tons of cute stuff, we just never put any of it up. 
I decided my New years resolution will be to do at least one thing a week to add to the house. (I think first on my list will be painting doors, but if I stick to it then we'll get lots done.)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Maybe Monday?

It seems like no one is a taker on the swimming, except Stephanie. But Reese is a bit sick, so if anyone changes there mind and wants to go swimming on Monday morning, let me know. My e-mail is

Friday, January 2, 2009

Who wants to go swimming?

First off I know that sounds weird, but I was hoping to go swimming on Wed(7th) I would love for anyone and everyone to come, the more the merrier. Just in case I'm not putting any details of where or what time, (since this is an open blog). Where I want to go is very kid friendly, if you and anyone else you want to bring with you would like to come my e-mail is

One of the Deamer family traditions (and certainly one of my favorites) is to go to the Roof Restaurant around Christmas. Luckily you can't see all the empty creme brule' dishes. Let's just say I had plenty to eat. 
It was a really nice night, and not too cold, so we were able to walk around and look at the lights at temple square. 
Ashley and Kris decided to stay for one more day, so last minute we through together a little party at our house, which included playing the wii on the big projector screen, and lots of treats, I even dug out the chocolate fountain. HAPPY NEW YEAR!