Saturday, March 31, 2012

Reese's Birthday : Party #1

It's official, I have a 5 year old!

Reese wanted to have a disneyland themed birthday, so disneyland themed it was.
I'm know it's kind of lame that I make my own decorations, but Reese thinks it's cool. And my thought is that although it takes some time and effort, on my part, it barely costs anything. So above is Mickey, (because you can't have Disneyland theme without the #1 mouse.) And under neath is the lovely minnie.
For the last couple of years I've been making their birthday signs with paper flags, which has kind of become the trend. So I thought it would be cute to incorporate the Mickey heads instead of flags. And I thought about black, but I wanted it to be fun and colorful.
Now for those of you who don't know, this is Sulley and Mike, from monster's inc. Now Sulley, is maybe not my best of all the decorations. The bigger you get the harder it is to draw, since I'm just drawing this on my own. He's kind of leaning a little, but oh well.
I love this Disneyland sign I made. The cricut comes in handy and makes it so quick and easy. (I also used it for the happy birthday sign.) Now I know you're wondering what is on my ceiling. I saw the cutest picture on pinterest, where they used plastic tablecloths, all in a cirlcle out from one middle point. Now since my room is very rectangular and has that light, I tried to just place them so they kind of criss crossed around the room. It didn't look quite as cute as the picture, but it made the room seem fun I think.
Nemo and Dore of course. I was trying to think of things that are at Disneyland and that wouldn't be too hard to draw. I was going to make more, but really, I ran out of wall space.
Just some fun colorful tissue paper balls. (p.s. if you go to the dollar store, you can usually find tissue paper even cheaper. I was able to make 5 tissue paper balls for $1.)
Had to do the plain Mickey head, just simple, but fun.

Reese wanted everyone to wear their favorite Disney themed costume. We have newer costumes than the one she was wearing, but I decided not to fight with her on that one. :) Doesn't she look excited.
Here's Rylee in her princess outfit.

Here's Reese's little friends, aren't they cute. We started off the party by putting bling strands in everyone's hair. (Which is kind of like tinsel for the hair.) Even Rylee got blinged out.
One of her friends gave her this cute parasol and fan. She's a little obsessed with these, and still carries these around the house all the time.
I decided to just make cupcakes for this party, so we could do the big cake at party #2. So here's the girls eating their cupcakes.
Very easy and simple cupcakes, but yummy and cute!
I actually hadn't planned a lot of activities, because I was told the girls would just want to play. But in the end they were definitely expecting some games, so I hurried and made a nose, to play pin the nose on Mickey. And also had them play Mickey, Mickey, Goofy. (My quickly made up version of duck duck goose.)

In the end I think they had a good time. It was such a busy day. We had the party from 9:00 -11:00 then I had to feed the girls lunch and get Reese to Preschool by 12:30, then did a couple of clients. Got Reese from school, and then had party #2. The next day I had another cake to make, and then pack up and head to Disneyland for a week long party. Sigh! fun times, but glad we're done and getting to relax!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Crazy faces

One of Jeremy's favorite things to do, is to take Rylee's hair out at the end of the day, and fluff it up all crazy like. One of Rylee's favorite things to do, is to make her "funny faces."
So for your enjoyment today, I have the combination of both, crazy hair and funny faces.

This one is my favorite.

This one is Jeremy's favorite
And to leave you with something a little bit sweeter: