Sunday, May 19, 2013

Random happenings from last month.

Here's some pictures from Reese's first crazy hair day. She was actually very specific about how it looked.

 The girls getting a ride in the little tractor
It seems like letting the kids drive this little tractor when they are too little is a Deamer right of passage. He stays close btw, and it's going pretty slow.
Here's Rylee out watching Reese play soccer. Every game this season has been so cold.
Reese had Hawiian day, at school. I thought this was cute.
I just realized I hadn't announce on here that I am pregnant. With facebook and everything, I assume anyone reading this already knows. And here is how I announced what the gender was. When you bite in the middle you see what the gender is.
In case you can't tell, that's pink, which means our third little lady is on her way! We are so excited,  and especially the girls are so excited. Our sweet little baby is due August 21st!