Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Santa, and Mrs. Clause

We went with Reese's preschool class to Christmas Village. Mrs. Clause gave us a tour. It was cold, but kind of fun. One thing that kind of bugged me is that Mrs. Clause told Reese, that she wasn't really Mrs. Clause. She said "no. my name's beverly." I thought seriously Beverly? Good grief, now Reese knows people are faking, I could tell she's been skeptical anyway, all she needs is Beverly with her sunglasses on (even though the sun is not out) telling her that she's a fake. Oh well!This is actually a big moment for Rylee, I think because she didn't have to sit on her lap here, but usually she gets nervous.

Now here's a good Santa. We took them to the little house by Lee's. We go every year. This santa is the best. He has a real beard, and he is way sweet. Do your self a favor and go there next year. (Bonus, there's usually not even a line.)
Success, (well mostly.) She isn't actually smiling, and she didn't last long on his lap. And as you can see, I'm having to hold her hand. But, there she is sitting on his lap, maybe next year will be even better.
Merry Christmas!


10zfam said...

Sorry that mrs clause said that. We have always told our kids that it's just someone dressed up as santa's helper because they have been so afraid of him and they seem to do better once they know it's just a person in a costume. it hasn't ruined christmas either cuz they still think there's a real santa out there. Hopefully the same will be true for your kids and their christmas won't be ruined

Reed & Melinda Family said...

that lady should be fired! We told our kidos that they are santas helpers cuz he is busy working on Christmas.

Megan said...

I tell Anna that they are their helpers, but come on Beverly! Get with it! lol.

Leah Aston said...

Before I even read your post I thought it was funny that Mrs. Clause had sunglasses on. Good ol' Bev. :} I'm taking the boys today to go see Santa. Jaren was ecstatic last year so I imagine he'll be fine. I don't know that Reid will care but my goal is to get them both smiling. Ps: What a cute snow hat Reese has on!