Friday, October 24, 2008

Go Sox!

Last Sunday we had a Redsox party, It was lots of fun, other than the score at the end. We all love the Redsox. I have to admit that I'll be a fan of just about any team if you take me to where they play, and get me a hat or something. And since Dave and Heather lived in Boston for about four years, we've all had the opportunity to go to Yawkee Way one time or another. And yes, we all have a Redsox hat, even the babies. (Reese has two.)
Last year, the day we both wore our matching hats was the day the Redsox won the Series, sigh not this year!
Reese quickly took advantage of the popcorn and other treats we had out.

The girls were hilarious, we have about 12 pics, and this is the only one with all three looking. Kennedy is a little concerned about the score of the game in this picture. For those of you who aren't following, that means the sox are out and better luck next year. The saddest part is I was looking forward to 4-7 more parties like this one! Oh well.

So Megan tagged me, forever ago, so here it is, six quirks about me:
unlike megan, I had no problem thinking of quirks, in fact I had a hard time narrowing it down to six. Some of them are more like my O.C.D. tendencies, and some of them are kind of embarrassing, one in particular my husband doesn't even  know about, (we won't be sharing that one.)

#1. I sleep with a mask on. Yes just like in the movies, but mine is not pink and fluffy, it's black. I have issues with any light at all or I can't go to sleep.

#2. I have to change my hair color at least once a month. Or else I get really bored with it. In fact I still get bored with it :)

#3. I have a super issue with change, (as in coins, pennies, etc.) In fact, up to a couple of years ago I absolutely would not touch it. To me it is just gross, and dirty. But I'll have you know that I don't let my issues rule my life any more, so I do touch change now, I just don't hold it in my hands for a long time. (I have to admit I freak out if it is somewhere unexpected, like on my bed. That's just uncalled for.)

#4. In movies if someone says a phone number or an address, I instantly start to memorize it. I repeat it over in my head. But I've been working on telling myself that it's not important, and making myself stop. (Like I said some of these are a little O.C.D.)

#5. I take forever to go to bed. (Jeremy can attest to this.) I just keep thinking of things I need to do, or have by me, and I keep getting back up.

#6. I like to have socks on at all times when I'm in the house. (Meaning, outside I can wear sandals, or be barefoot.) But when I come inside my feet get cold. And I can't fall asleep without socks on.

So if any of you are still reading, Kudos! And I promise I am still slightly normal, thanks Megan for helping me warn you all about what a freak I am. I don't know how to tag other people so everyone's off the hook. :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

More pics of Reese.

My sister Mandie, is an amazing photographer, and recently she took some pics of Reese. I thought I would share a few of my favorite ones.

I still can't figure out how to rotate pictures, so please excuse my computer ignorance and turn your head. This last weekend the Deamer family, (minus the Kuchenmeisters,) went up this awsome cabin in Island Park. It was lots of fun here's us in the hot tub. The babies all had hats on because it was below freazing.

This last pic is kind of out of nowhere, but I was in charge of the 'Mom and Miss' party this week, and Brooke Stowers found these bread bowls at this bakery in Ogden, called Toppers. It's a pumpkin  bread bowl. If anyone is having a halloween party, I thought these were the cutest, and I just had to share.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Scotland visitor!

Yesterday we had a nice surprise! A lady that Jeremy knew from his mission, in Scotland came and stayed with us for a night. She has tickets to go to conference, so today we took her to Salt Lake to another family she's been staying with. It was fun to hear stories I'd never heard.
So are you sure it's not terrible 18 months? Because Reese has suddenly gotten so much harder. While she is still a very good girl, compared to how she usually is, she is becoming a challenge. She was all over the place, and of course, right before we picked Barbara up she ripped her hair out.
The deer were in our yard this morning but were gone by the time we had out the cameras.
We met up with another Missionary for lunch, he was so nice. And I hadn't noticed until I took the picture, but he is also very tall.
I decided to let Reese drive a little, I mean she is getting pretty old. Well even though you can see there are no keys in the ignition, she didn't care. She kept saying beep beep! Altogether it was a nice day, I'm sure Jeremy wishes Barbara could have stayed longer, but we were really glad to have her stay. Also it's a good excuse to make me get my house good and clean, so that's always a bonus, because now my house looks, and smells great!Cassi this little video is for you. It's a Leap Frog. Reese has really liked it. And my nephew Ryan has one as well. I definitely think it helped them learn how to walk and stand. Also it teaches colors, shapes, numbers, open/close, up/down,ABC's, and lots of other songs. The one that you are looking at is probably very good as well, but I just thought I'd let you know what we thought of this one.