Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Penthouse in Park City!

Last weekend we were able to go up and stay in a suite in Park City.

We took the whole Deamer clan with us, (minus the Kuchenmiesters because they don't live here). The entire suite was bigger than my house. (It was the entire top floor, including a deck that went around the entire thing. On the deck was two different hot tubs, and two firepits as well. It was really fancy and nice.

I am always trying to get pictures of the three of us, and they never work out. I think Reese was being nervous because we were too high up, and close to the edge.
Needless to say it was a very nice little trip, we did some shopping before we went up as well. The suite was super posh. P.S. did you notice the size of my belly is definitely growing?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Little getaway, and spring cleaning.( ok fall cleaning)

Jeremy called me up on Friday, to say he booked us a room for the night in Park City. I didn't get very many pictures, I just realized. This bath tub was cool, it filled from the ceiling, I've never seen that before, and Reese thought it was awesome. Reese got her own room with a king size bed, that beats the crib any day. Jeremy's been so busy with work it was really nice to have some special family time.
As I have mentioned before, we have deer in our backyard almost all the time, especially in the fall and winter. This is from a few weeks ago. I don't know if you can tell, but the one with antlers has an apple stuck on one of the points, we thought it was funny.

While trying to take pictures of these deer that day I realized how dirty the outside of my windows were. I don't know about you guys, but I had never cleaned the outside, so it was definitely due for a good cleaning. So I took out all the screens and gave all the window a good clean from the inside and out.
Reese of course was my super good helper. I'm surprised that we never spilled that bucket. Needless to say, I never realized how dirty the tracks and the windows on the outside can get, and because I had waited so long I had to do each window about three times.
How often should you do windows? I was thinking every six months, because that would be again in the spring. No matter what that will be better than what I have been doing.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pumpkins, pumpkins pumpkins!

Yesterday because of the very important holiday, (you know, Columbus day.) Jeremy had work off! Hooray for credit unions, and recognizing every obscure holiday! He decided to take us for a drive to get some food, and pick out some pumpkins. Reese really liked it. p.s. if you are going to buy pumpkins go to Grammy's (it's the 2nd stand you come to on your way to Brigham,) they are WAY cheaper and big too.
Did you ever notice.....................

how much you use your microwave?
Because once you're used to having one, you miss it bad when it's gone. We got this one for our wedding, so it's made a pretty strong standing I thought. But on Saturday night it kicked the bucket, with a shot of flames from the inside. And of course it was Sat night, so I had to wait till Monday to go get a new one.
But this one looks good, I guess, at least it will match the rest of our appliances now.

The thing that bugs me about buying new things is you always have this:
A big huge box you have to get rid of.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

We finally found out!

I finally found out at 23 weeks........

It's a girl.
Sorry I have no picture for this, but anyway we're excited.