Saturday, September 27, 2008

Friends, friends, friends.

Is everyone else happy the TV shows have started again? I don't know about all of you but I'll admit that I have a lot of shows that I watch. Thanx  to tivo, I probably watch too many, but I am trying to make myself stop watching a few, like ANTM, (America's Next Top Model) I think I'm too old for it, and it's kind of stupid, but I still watch it, also Grey's Anatomy. It's just getting to be more and more like a night time soap opera. But I am still watching it aren't I? Yes, yes I am.

We decided there wasn't too many warm days left so we called up Reese's friend Alex, (my friend Kristen's baby and we all went to the park.) Reese seems to really like playing with people her own age.
I thought this was cute, they had to hold hands. Sometimes when we go on walks they like to lean out of their strollers so they can hold hands.
This is Reese's boyfriend Benjamin. His mom Stephanie and I were coloring our hair while the kids played. Sigh, I remember when I used to just go to the salon and have a relaxing pampering experience. Just kidding I don't think it's ever been that relaxing, for me, since I work there. The kids played together really good until Benjamin pinched Reese's arm really hard, and then she didn't like him so much.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Dentist Visit!

The other day I took Reese for her first dental visit. For those of you who can't tell through the mask, our dentist is Jeremy's sister Heather. At her office they have t.v.'s on the ceiling, I thought that was kind of cool. She did a good job not freaking Reese out, so that was a bonus.
Other than getting Reese used to going, not much else was done, she was a little nervous. But all together did ok. 
Later on she recovered enough to play outside and jump on her little tramp.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Reese has been acting very interested in the potty process, and she has been telling me when she needs to go. So I thought I would go get a potty and just let her get used to it.By the way I love this one because it actually looks like a toilet. I have to admit that it is a bit like a toy, but oh well. We have had it for two days and she went poo poo in it today(sorry if that is T.M.I.) But I am trying to decide if it is too early or not. I feel like if we are going to do it we've got to get serious and do it. But I think that maybe if she is older she would be better at it. At least if we wait, she'll be able to talk more and that might be a bonus. I'd love everyone's ideas, and tips. I think I have already talked myself into waiting, but should I leave the potty out so she can get used to it, or should I hide it for a while? Decisions, Decisions.


So about six months ago I naively made the comment that Reese would not be going to nursery because it is too germy. I still actually have issues and am nervous about the cleanliness, but 
I have to admit, that as it has gotten closer I have been counting down the weeks till she could go. So It's official, she's 18 months today. So I left her in there and she did good, and by the way did you know that they actually have lessons in Relief Society, I had no idea that's what was going on. :) It was very calm and nice, I did feel like I had forgotten something though.
I know that I'm retarded for taking these pictures, by the way, I didn't pose her like this. For some reason, she did it herself. Reese's aunt Heather picked out this outfit for her at H&M since I couldn't go, and I love it! The boots are kind of blurry in this picture, but thanks Heather for helping me find cute stuff.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Swiss Days!!

Last week we went to Midway, for Swiss Days.

There was a lot of walking, and we didn't bring a stroller. Reese gets a bit heavy, good thing I have my pack-mule Jeremy.
The main reason we go is to get good food, Reese was glad because I let her have root beer.
There were tons of pretty flowers, Reese loves to smell flowers. Some times she smells bushes that don't even have flowers on them.
Carly, (Tayler's friend,) Tayler, Darlene, and Kennedy, all trekking back to the car. It was pretty hot, but we were able to find a few cute things in the booths.
Kennedy didn't quite make it. She passed out before we made it back to the car. It was a long day, but overall fun.