Saturday, February 27, 2010

You know you're a mom when:

You announce you have to "go potty."
When you start singing the song in your head, and it goes like this "la la laaa elmo's song."
You offer your guests a blankie.
When you kiss your husband you make the smooch noise, like you're two.
Your meals consist of things like mickey shaped pancakes, mini corn dog bites, with cheese triangles and apple smiles.
You plan your entire day around nap time.
Instead of perfume you smell like spit-up.
You hang out at the park, or the treehouse.
You are always dirty with shoe prints on your pants, snot or your shoulder, and spit up who knows where.
You pull your hair up, not because you like it that way, but so it will hopefully get yanked less.

It's official I'm a mom, and yes I still love it!

P.S. Rylee is sleeping through the night!! Ta Da! On Wed, (exactly 5 weeks old, she slept from eating at 10:00 p.m. then going down, till 7:30 a.m.) And she has done close to that the rest of the week. I thought Reese did well at 8 weeks, but now we're really doing good!
I can't take all the credit, I highly recommend the book Babywise, if you are trying to train a baby to sleep through the night.

Friday, February 19, 2010


The best things about not being pregnant are:

You can lay on your stomach, flat on your back, or any way you want to.
When you sit down your ribs don't ache in pain.
You can walk without waddling.
You don't have to pee all the time.
You're not getting randomly kicked in weird places from the inside.
You have a lap.
But the #1 reason is:

You get one of these.
Rylee is a month old now, and doing so great! She is such a good baby. She's nursing well, which is good because I need all the help I can get with wanting to do it. She is sleeping really good as well, which is a huge bonus.
She was smiling so good one day, but of course once you get the camera, they stop. But Jeremy got the start of one.

Reese had been asking for weeks to play in the snow, but as you know I had just had a baby and that wasn't going to work out. But last week she asked me right as I laid Rylee down. So I hurried and got us both bundled up. Reese wanted to make 'frosty the snowman' but apparently it was hard work, so she just whined about going back inside, while I made frosty.
But then she had to give him hugs and kisses. Apparently I'm a shoddy snowman maker though, because he didn't even make it through the day. A few hours later I looked out and his head had already fallen off!

Reese's new fav thing is to climb into Rylee's crib while I feed her. And it's funny to me because she looks so huge in the crib, when it was only 2 1/2 months ago that she got moved down to her big girl bed. And I didn't think she looked so huge in it then. She was my little baby, I was carrying her around, and then I had a baby, and I think "you expect me to pick you up, you're humongous!" From one week to the next she has become my big girl, and she really is.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Getting old!

I'm officially a 27 year old mom with two kids. There is no denying the fact that I'm getting old. It is weird to think about. My b-day was on Sun. Darlene and Heather made me dinner, it was very yummy, and on Saturday Jeremy went and got my fav. pie from Sandy's.

Now I know I have already shown the bedding I made for Rylee's room, but now here's the rest of the room all finished. The quilt I made, (a shag quilt because that's the only kind I know how to make.)
I had given up on finding a mobile, but Darlene somehow found this one that matches perfectly, the day before Rylee was born.

This is the quilt Ashley made her, I thought it would look so cute on the wall, and it does.
I'm pretty sure Kennedy isn't much bigger that Rylee.

Hadley is way into Rylee, and wants to hold her a lot, so they finally let her, but since they didn't let her for long, she got really sad.

The girls have started this thing where they have to jump off Darlene's couches all the time. Really Kennedy and Hadley jump a lot. When Reese jumps her feet still don't leave the floor at the same time. So she ends up just falling/ stepping off the couch.
I called my dr.'s office and to my surprise the nurse said I COULD start exercising if I wanted to, just to take it slow. I was very excited and started crunches right away. And went for a jog on the good 'ol treadmill just today. It felt so good afterward, I'm hoping to keep this up.