Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

We took all the kids to see Santa, at Bicentennial Park. He was so cute! The pictures of the boys didn't turn out. Reese loved it and we went back a week later because she begged me to go back.

Quick apologies for what is about to be the longest post. My husband has been out of town with my computer, so here it goes. This is me and my husband obviously, and Stephanie my friend from work with her husband Mike at our salon Christmas party.
The fam. at the ward Christmas party.

My friends Halli and Kristen and I meet once a month for lunch, this was our Christmas lunch at Bellas.
Finally, Christmas morning:
Ryan kept asking to hold Jeremy, so Jeremy let him. Hopefully his legs are ok.

Every year we get knew pajamas, which is one of my favorite traditions.

Here's just a couple of Reese's toys, we need a bigger house now, she really got spoiled.

Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas! 

Friday, December 12, 2008

First Snow!!!

We are a little excited for C hristmas, here at the Deamer's, if you can't tell.
Ok technically it snowed back in October, but we were out of town. I have been way excited for snow, and maybe a little too much because as soon as poor Reese was done eating breakfast I got her all bundled up, and headed outdoors.
It was a little like the scene in Christmas story. I got a tad carried away with how many layers I put on her, and could barely get her boots on, on top of all the layers. I think she had fun for her first time really playing in the snow. She thinks a snowball is called a rock, and she figured out pretty quick she could eat the snow, which I was hoping she wouldn't realize, but we had fun!
That night Jeremy came home and we decided it was time to go get the tree. We didn't cut it down, but someone did, so that's about the same right?
Apparently you shouldn't expect a one year old to help decorate. She just wanted to stuff this stocking with glass balls. You may think our tree looks bare, but we are kind of Christmas tree minimalists. Hope everyone is having a fun holiday season as well!

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Despite a migraine, Jeremy decided to get stuff ready for winter on Saturday. So he and his dad got the motion lights on, and got the 4wheeler ready with the plow. Of course that meant having a ride or two.
Yes I did drive it by the way, for the first time ever!

Reese has been really attached to Jeremy lately and if he ever leaves the room, she runs after him saying 'daddy, daddy!' So I made her come in because it was really cold. But Jeremy had one more light to set up. He stayed outside, and this is what Reese did.

"Daaaadddddyyyyyy.........ddddaaaaaaddddddddddyyyyyyy, outside!" And me, being a mean mom took pictures of it.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

For those of you who don't know, I am a big Jazz fan. (I know I'm not sporty, but if you can't play you might as well watch right?) The first game I ever watched was about six years ago, when Jeremy took me for my birthday. I loved it so much I turned into a fan. On Saturday, we were able to go to a private suite. It was really nice, we had our own personal chef there cooking to order, with lots of other tasty snacks! I decided that I better get a jersey so I'm an official fan, I got Darren Williams'. On top of everything we beat them by about 30 points, so that was a bonus!
So we had an interesting morning on Sunday. Reese decided to get ready herself. She put on her eyeshadow, and her tights all by herself, what a good helper!! 
By the way I knew she was putting eyeshadow on her cheek, but my mistake was I thought that it would come off really easy so I didn't stop her - BAD IDEA!!!  Ten wipes, and an angry child later her face was mostly clean!
I'm sure you're all sick of seeing pics like this, I've got a silly child who thinks she can dress herself. I can't help but take a picture of it. By the way that is TWO pairs of tights on her head!
But we finally got all dressed! And she pronounced herself pretty. So Reese has picked up this thing of squishing down in pictures, she must think she's a highschool girl who's trying to look small or something.