Sunday, July 29, 2012

Forth of July

Sorry I have been avoiding posting for awhile, but I thought I better squeak this in before July was over. My family usually has my mom's side, and my dad's side of the family come over on the third of July for a cookout, and fireworks. Following that some sleep over and then continue with the festivities the next day.Well this year fireworks were banned in the Valley, so we offered to have it at our house. 

And if you know me, I had to have it decorated.
Jeremy got these big rolls of plastic from Zurchers, and we draped it along the fence, it turned out pretty cute I thought.

I saw this idea on pinterest, using regular streamers, you layer the colors together, and sew them to gather them into a cute ruffled, multicolored streamer. I  thought it turned out so cute. I had a ton of these. I also had flags set around the perimeter of the lawn, but I guess I didn't get a pic of that.
All together we had around 65 ish people. We never got the exact count, but that's a lot for my little house. Luckily we were just outside.
I always like to do a patriotic treat or two. I thought these were cute, plus super easy, and super yummy. They did not last long.
And these cupcakes, I divided the batter and frosting into red, white, and blue, making for one good looking patriotic cupcake.

On top of everything  Reese was really, really sick. I had taken her in, and at first they didn't know what was wrong, but it turned out she had a UTI and E Coli. She was so sad, and actually stayed in the house the entire time, till the very end. I was able to talk her into coming out for the fireworks, where she actually fell asleep on my grandma Tutu.
I meant to have a sparkler in this picture, that always makes it cuter. Jeremy was the best, he really put a lot of work into helping me get ready for this party.
The next day, which was the forth, we were so exhausted that we slept in till ten, that's when the girls got up. I was too worried about Reese to take her to any parades or anything, so we played it low key. Reese was pretty bummed out when she realized a week later that she had missed riding her bike in the parade.
We finally got with Jeremy's family later that evening. Jeremy has kind of started a tradition of lighting a parachute firework, that sends about 30 parachuters into the sky, while the kids run like crazy to get them. They love it.
Reese didn't do much but sit around. But at least she was out of the house, and not crying.
I love this picture, I got a every kid in this one, even little grey in the background. (By then the anti biotics were starting to kick in)
On top of everything else this week I needed to make a birthday cake for my brother in law Chris. His birthday was on the 4th. He left the next day for his new job being a dentist, (which explains the mouth cake.) It was certainly a big couple of days.
 We finished it all off with one more firework show put on by my amazing husband. But mid-show, we  were interrupted by the North Ogden fireworks that had been move to a park quite close to our house. It was great, we had a perfect view, so we turned around and watch those instead.

It was a crazy, and exhausting couple of days. Thanks to my husband for all his help, the holiday went off without a hitch. And by the way Reese is doing much better.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


So last month Jeremy's computer had died, so we had an apt at the Apple store to get it fixed. So we all headed down to the Gateway. Little did I know that we would be there all day.
Also I was unaware that so much would be going on that day, but lucky for us there was a street fair going on that day, with a chalk festival. 
 So I turned out good, because even though we were there all day, the girls had lots to do.
 I feel like every time we go anywhere that has face painting, Reese always wants it done, but we usually aren't willing to wait in line. But since Jeremy was in the Apple store and I clearly had time to waste, they got their faces painted.
 I took the girls around and bought them a few things, it was fun. I really don't take them shopping very often. I was mostly trying to entertain them so they picked out a new hat for Reese, new glasses for Rylee, and a few cheap necklaces from forever 21.
It's fun to be outside, we had a fun day.