Sunday, June 24, 2012

Relief Society Party

My calling is in the primary, but more than once I have been asked to be in charge of decorations for the relief society dinners. So here we go again. The theme was, "Been Caught up, on visiting teaching." So they wanted it to be beachy, and kind of fish themed. It is always hard to make the Gym, look not like a gym. But I think it turned out cute. Thanks to my friend Jane Overman, for letting me borrow her lanterns that made it so cute.

 I used beach towels to look liked table runners, and got some seashells from the dollar store. And of course some little umbrellas for each drink.

 I get nervous when I make paper things, I'm always afraid people are going to think it looks like an elementary school project. But I think these little trees turned out cute. I made 9 altogether.
 While we were at the church decorating all day, Reese was playing with some boys and got her finger smashed bad, in a door. It was so gross and flat, and I wasn't sure if it was broken or not. I went to the insta-care, but was told before I went in that I could just go buy my own splint, so that is what I did. Poor little girl, her finger still looks black and blue. But is definitely healing.
 So I figure, you need a centerpiece, and you need desert. So why not make a desert that can be the centerpiece.
 So I made six little centerpiece cakes.
 Each one matching the theme in a way.
 This turned out of course to be quite ambitious, considering, you only have one day to make cakes basically, and I needed to decorate the church as well.
 But I made it, and I think for the most part, they turned out great.

Well it was fun and turned out super cute, lucky for me, someone else was in charge of food. Maybe next time I'll just do cupcakes though :)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Deamer Garden Spot

For those of you that are a Deamer, Creamer, or a Tatton, or just a friend of the family, or into gardening. My husband has started a gardening blog. Him and his Dad have been working hard to keep up the tradition of growing things that started with Jeremy's Grandpa. This blog is to keep record of what grows and what doesn't. They are doing really well. I just wanted to plug his blog, if you want to check it out, it is in my blog list under Deamer Garden Spot, or click here.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Memorial Day

Yes, I know I'm behind, I'm still playing catch up. This memorial day was a bit more close to home for me, since Jeremy's Grandpa Creamer passed away this last year. The girls wanted to go see his grave as well. Reese sat down and talked to the grave, to let her papa know that she misses him. I thought it was to sad and sweet.

 You can never get all the kids to look, but Hadley really refused to. But I think most of the rest of them are looking in this one.
 Look at these cute sisters.
 And my cute husband, my girls just love him to death. (As do I.)
 Did you notice in the other pictures something that didn't look like a flower? Well, it's a stalk of corn. Jeremy had this cute idea, and I thought it was such a great idea, (that his Grandpa would rather have corn than flowers). Jeremy and his grandpa always planted a garden together. Besides his grandpa growing so much throughout his life, it was one of their things that they always did together. I think he's up there loving his little baby cornstalk on his grave, for sure.
 Jeremy's sister Ashley was in Texas, but here is Jeremy, Heather, Darlene, and Tayler.

 Here's our new, blow up pool. Big enough?
 The kids loved it. It wasn't actually very warm that day, but the kids didn't seem to care. They played for hours.

 I love getting the watermelon shots. I think Rylee had about 6 peices. She's my fruit eater.
 Now this is big, even Reese ate a slice. (Thanks to all my hard work of forcing her to eat fruit over the years. The hard work is finally paying off, and she's eating it and liking it.) Pat on the back to me.
 I'm not sure exactly what Rylee is doing in the tree here, but I thought it was a funny little pic.
Happy Memorial day everyone! I hope all of you who have lost love ones were able to spend the day, with fun and memories.

PreSchool Graduation!!!

Have you been wondering where I've been? I'm not the type of person to fall behind on my blogs, but our laptop had an issue. After hanging out at the apple store all day, my sweet husband has got us up and running. So now I'm going to play catch up.

Ok, doesn't it seem like just a month or so ago when school started. I am seriously floored, that it is over already. And before I know it Reese will be in Kindergarten, yes KINDERGARTEN!!! (Let's leave that for another day to worry about.)

Anyway, here is my preschool grad. She has been going to A Child's Image Preschool. Her teacher was Miss Jodie, (Bybee), and she has loved it.
 She was very excited for the program. She had a part to say, which was, "R is for Ready. All year long we've been learning new things, and getting ready to go to kindergarten." She had it memorized perfectly. And on the way there, repeated it non-stop.

 There they are, aren't they cute?
 My friend's little boy, Bowen is next to her on the left. They walked in to the music of the graduation song. They all gave their parts, (only one poor boy needed mommy's help,) and then they sang some cute little songs.
 There's her, receiving her diploma, by Miss Jodie.
 There's the whole class, and also Miss Jamie, who is Miss Jodie's twin, and teaches as well.
 A quick shot with dad, before he heads back to work. Even Grandma and Grandpa Deamer came, how supportive!
 I think I'm kind of wrestling Rylee in this pic, but oh well.
 And one last shot with Reese's favorite friend, Kara. Reese loved this little girl, we most likely will never see her again, I do not even know her last name, but Reese really did love to go to school and play with her friend Kara.
Now I know some people think Preschool graduation is silly. Well, maybe it is. But Reese loved it, and was so excited for it. And I thought it was so cute. So congrats to my sweet girl. That night, Jeremy came home and surprised Reese with taking her out for a special dinner just us and her. She said she wanted to go to the place with the "pink butter," (Maddox.) Well you don't have to twist our arms to go to Maddox. It was fun, the three of us had a special little night out at Maddox. Congrats Reese!

Here's some happenings from about a month ago

Reese went to a friends house and apparently dove off the couch face first. Don't I have lovely graceful children? You should see her shins, always covered in bruises.
 My Rylee, getting so brave at the park. I know for most people it's no big deal, for their kids to play at the park, but for us, it is. We started with baby steps, but now she's making big strides.
 Rylee's obsession with fire trucks continues. We were on a walk, and Rylee saw the fire truck parked out side someone's house. So we had to go get a closer look. She said, "take my picture by the fire truck mom, I love fire trucks."
 Reese's preschool had a water party. Little Rylee got to tag along. I just had to get a pic of her after she climbed  in the water bucket, too cute.
 Oh the hours of fun you can have with a bucket, a bit of water and a squirter.
 Jeremy's sister Ashley is in town, and Reese was dying to play with all the kids. So we went out and got all the kids, and walked to the park. You would have thought we were walking a mile, listening to some of the kids complain. But once we got there it was all smiles, well mostly, till the walk home.
 Rylee couldn't figure out why this horse didn't say "neigh."
 The kids love this tire swing. I couldn't get it high enough, or fast enough for Hadley.

 My dad is retiring. He has worked as a teacher, a principal, and I think, a few different job titles at the district office. They had a open house retirement party for him. We were able to get a pic with him and all the grandkids, (minus the two in Australia.)
 Congratulations Dad! Way to be a great worker. Now on to a fun summer!
Fun week.