Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday, Big Game, and Happy Reunion!!

Ever since I  have been married to Jeremy I have found the best tradition ever, Black Friday! I think it's so fun just being out early, and we usually find some pretty good deals. This is Me at Target, (not all the stuff in the cart is mine just so you know.) 

Not like you couldn't tell, but Reese was not too happy at Thanksgiving with my family. She gets a little shy.

For Jeremy's work (AFCU), they have a bonus night. It was held at the Salt Palace. As you can guess, we watched the big BYU / Utah game. It was fun, (until BYU got slaughtered.) We were able to go with, and sit by our friends Ally and Chris, which made it even more fun!
And we got to take home the pretty flowers, ( I took the Y out when we got home.)

It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without the Yams, ever since I lived at home it was my job to help my mom do the yams, so I just keep doing them. Now if any of you aren't aware of the blog Delicious Dishes, I am a huge fan. I have been using it quite a bit. Chelsie and her friends have the best recipes, and put them on it. I bugged her for this one, (pumpkin bars,) which turned out so good. Even Jeremy who is not too much into desserts loved it. So thanks again Chelsie!

Kris and Ashley are here! Which means the two cousins can be reunited! So far they have been playing so good together. Except now she doesn't want to leave his side, it's cute!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Hospital visits!

For those of you who don't know, Jeremy has had some serious migraines. They haven't gone away for over a month straight, so he's been to about every doctor you can think of. We just got good news though, his MRI shows nothing bad, which is very good. So we just need to figure out what is causing them so we can fix it! Today we went to the hospital, for him to have a spinal tap, everything went well, and he's home recovering right now!
Also some exciting news : Ashley and Kris are coming for a visit, which means, Ryan and Ethan are also coming!Reese has been excited, she still asks for Ry Ry sometimes, so I am excited to see  how they act together.  When he was here before they played really well.  It should be a fun holiday season! I hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Accessories, accessories!!!

It's official! We have a bed. It only took us five and a half years, but we found one! ( We did have a bed, just not a frame.) Apparently I'm picky and we've looked a LOT, but we finally found this one at Sparrow's (they have good deals, by the way.)
We heard it was going to snow last Tues. So Reese and I went out to do a little raking.
Reese has officially started to dress herself, she grabs random things and puts them on. It's funny because she's only 19ish months, I thought she would have to be about 4 before she started doing this. And the hard thing is once she decides she's going to wear something, she gets obsessed with it. Pretty much once I get sick of whatever it is I have to take it off and hide it quick, and hope she forgets after a while. She wants to leave coats on all day, or random accessories she finds around the house. If I take them off she says " On, on, on, please, please, pretty!"
This little 'beaut' of an outfit, I actually let her wear to the babysitter, so she wore it all day. I had the dress on her, which, yes is a little loud on it's own, but I heard her in her room saying "pretty!" I opened the door to this lovely little outfit. She kept walking around saying,"purse, hat, pretty!"( Yes, very pretty, or not so much.)
Jeremy and I went to the Jazz game the other day, and bought her this Boozer jersey. Little did we know that she would want to wear it three days in a row, plus to bed. (Oh well, at least I'm going to get my money's worth right?)
Pig nose, - always a classic. ( I like to wear mine out on the town.) I have no idea where that even came from. Why do I even have a pig nose? 
No joke, she did this all by herself! She was trying to find her yellow pair of "eyes" and I found these for her, and so apparently if you can't find the ones you want you might as well wear as many a possible to make up for it. ( You would think that would be annoying, but she really wore them for about 3-4 hours, until Jeremy took them off , and I hid them)
Well, you can't say her outfits are dull!

Monday, November 3, 2008


Here's all the girls in their matching Halloween outfits. (Hadley, Reese, Kennedy)
Tayler, a.k.a. Dodo, volunteered at our ward's little Halloween carnival. It was the best fish pond they'll ever have.
Later we went to pick out pumpkins, I had this image in my head that she would be able to pick out the pumpkin she wanted. But when we got there, there was only 5 left and we wanted 3, so.... didn't really get to choose so much, but hey  at least we got some pumpkins, right?
On Halloween day I took Reese, Hadley, and Kennedy, around to Darlene's work, then Jeremy's, then Heather's, and then Lee's Market.  Every time we got in and out of the car, was..........well, we'll just say a bit of a challenge. Hadley had to be stripped down every time, she loved that - and Reese, just halfway stripped down, and Luckily Kennedy could just stay in her costume all day long. But getting three babies out of the car is hard, even if you don't have to change their outfits. Also I got a lot of looks, and I knew people were thinking I was crazy, so here and there I would say, "those two aren't mine!" The girls were good, but I was a bit tired by the end of the day.
By the way Reese is a lady bug if you couldn't tell, I made her tutu, Hadley is the peacock, and Kennedy is Tinkerbell.
We finally carved our pumpkins, I decided I would be helpful and clean out all the guts out of all the pumpkins, but too bad I'm not smart and I started with the tallest pumpkin up on my table and...

Broke my kitchen light. Yeah, I guess you're not supposed to knock glass light fixtures with big, carving knifes, how was I to know?  A big chunk of the glass just fell right off, I didn't even hit it hard at all, just a little bonk. I was so mad at myself. Luckily Jeremy was way nice about it.
Reese caught on to Trick or Treating very quickly, also she never had said the word candy before, (because I don't really give her candy,) but she sure learned it fast that day.
Reese, Dodo, and Jeremy in front trick or Treating.
This is Reese with her Great Grandpa who lives next door, He's so sweet and we go visit him pretty much every day.