Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Play Group On Monday!

It's that time again. I would love you all to come, and you can bring others along as well. We thought this is (hopefully) our last month with snow. So meet at my house, bring your snow clothes, and sleds if you want. We'll just be hanging out in my backyard. But I am going to make a little hill. If the weather isn't good than we'll just play inside. But this way we can play outside for awhile and when we get cold we can come in. My email is katiedeamer@gmail.com for those of you who need to know my address. We'll meet at 11:00 a.m.  Let me know I hope you can all come it will be fun. (p.s. I'll probably make some lunch so the kids can eat afterward.)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Silly kid!

Don't ask me why, but Reese loves to lie on the floor,  A LOT. She usually has a blanket over her so she's more hidden, but today it is just a dish towel. She likes to yell "Reese, where is?" so that is your cue to try and find her.  Or sometimes she doesn't care if you find her.I know this sounds bad, but I kind of like it, and I'll let her lay for as long as she wants. It's kind of nice because it's an easy way to keep tabs on her. She's not making any mess, she's just laying on the floor. What an easily entertained silly little lady!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Public apology.

When Jeremy had his surgery I needed a book to read, so I called over to Heather (my sis. in law) and the only thing she had for me to borrow was of course, you've already guessed it - Twilight. For those of you who haven't already been offended by my opinion of twilight and it's readers let's just say I said a few unkind statement including the words freaks, vampires, obsessive and loosers, (just to name a few.) Those who mainly got the brunt are Stephanie, Shawni, and Ally. But although I am on the third book already, and I feel like the story is entertaining, I have to admit I feel like my initial assessment was correct. It's not that great of a book. Nothing happens until the end, she just wines and wines for a whole book until one thing happens and then it's over. I do admit once you've started you feel like you have to finish, but that doesn't mean it is a good book. If you want to read a good book I recommend Angels and Demons, way better! Ok so this wasn't a great apology but here it goes. Shawni, Steph, the rest of you, I am sorry for calling your favorite book a freaky stupid vampire book. It's not freaky or stupid. And I'm glad you found something to make you happy for awhile. What bothered me most really, was just that everyone would never stop talking about it. It seems a little overrated. But again sorry for being mean.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Anyone need tutus?

I have started making tutus, if anyone is interested in one let me know. I've been selling them starting at $20 which is cheaper than I have seen them anywhere. They are really cute for pictures. This one was for a six year old to wear over jeans. Or they are really cute for newborns. Or just for play, whatever. But if you'd like one let me know, I can make them quick. I got this girl's to her the day after she asked for it. So if you need a baby shower present I can also make a cute little bow out of tulle to match. 

Sunday, February 8, 2009


On Thursday I took Jeremy in for a little nose job. Just kidding, well they did cut bones and stuff out of his nose, but that wasn't exactly what they were going for. As you know Jeremy has been having some problems with constant headaches/migraines. One of his many doctors felt that although slightly unrelated, he should get his deviated septum taken care of. The doctor said it probably wouldn't help the main problem, but at least he'd be able to breathe better. I'm not sure Jeremy knows I took this picture, he was mostly unconscious.
He was a good enuf sport to let me take this picture beforehand. But good news, while they were in there they realized it was way worse than they thought. Among other things he had a big bone shard poking out into his nose a into his soft membranes (whatever that means) Anyway the point is the doctor said he thinks that that could definitely be causing his problem, so cross you fingers! He's been such a good sport this week even though he's in major pain and can't sleep. But hopefully this might help.
Just before that was my birthday, I usually get a little weird about my birthdays. Jeremy might say that is an understatement. But before my birthday I usually get a little bummed out to put it nicely. I'm not sure if I'm worried about the day, or I don't want to get older, I don't know I'm only 26 so I don't think that's it. But I'd have to say that this was probably my best birthday ever. Jeremy got us fifth row tickets to the Jazz against the Thunder who we then beat by about twenty points.
I just wanted to show how close I was to the action, and Kyle Korver :) ( I don't think any one cares about Costa Koufus being in the shot.)
After the game we stayed over night at the Hotel Montaco. I meant to take pictures and forgot. The rooms are so cute! Then the next morning (my actual birthday) we stayed home, Reese was getting sick so we snuggled all day and watched shows, including Tinkerbell of course! Later that night Jeremy made a huge dinner and his family came over. To top it off he got my my fav pie from Sandy's (Almond Crunch, mmmmmm!) He did a good job. Anyways that was part of my busy week!  Sorry this has been so long.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Play group!

Ok so I know that it's bad to postpone something that hasn't even started. But Reese, and Benjamin (Stephanie's baby) is sick, and we're on the way to the doctor. So what we're going to do is do it next Monday. And once we get started we'll do it the first Monday of every month even if I can come or not. It just seems weird if Me and Stephanie don't come on the very first one. Again my e-mail is katiedeamer@gmail.com. We'll plan on it next Monday morning, and you can bring other friends as well, anyone is welcome. We've got a good group so far, it should be fun! Also for those of you who don't live to close I wanted to say that Stephanie lives in Layton, and we're planning on moving it around to different places. I heard there's a cool children's museum at the Gateway. And I bet there's cool stuff up in Logan we can do as well (Megan, and KariAnn. :) So we'll try and do stuff all over. Hope everyone can come!