Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cement, ants, and lambs! oh my!

This weekend we went and helped my mom and dad pour some cement. (Or by we, I mean Jeremy helped, and Reese and I watched.)

If you look closely, Reese's handprint looks like it has 6 fingers.

This is Jeremy re-smoothing the cement after Averie walked through it. Luckily it was fixed quickly, (and no shoes were ruined.)
This is Averie and Mason, my brother's twins. I have a set of twins on each side of the family, (by the way that does not mean that I will get a set of twins. Well, just keep your fingers crossed.)
Apparently the underside of the tramp is just as fun.
This poor little lamb got it's head stuck in the fence. It was freaking out, and we had to call a farmer to get him unstuck. Reese thought it was great to see a lamb so close up. Also there was a lama, Mason and Averie were so excited because they thought it was Lena the Lama. (Apparently you have to watch Dora, or Diego, or something like that, but it was cute.) Also while Reese played on the swings I was unknowingly lying in an ant pile. So after a quick freak out, (I'm slightly afraid of ants, ok it's a phobia,) and a bunch of little ant bites later, we were done with the swings.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Laundry basket, again!

I know I have already talked about Reese's obsession with my laundry basket. But I thought it was funny, because this time I was trying to actually do my laundry, and she wouldn't get out. She also likes to put the clothes on her head. (by the way those are clean clothes.)
Reese is such a good eater, but I feel like I feed her the same things all the time. If any mommies out there have any ideas I would love you to share. It could also be something you make yourself, she pretty much eats anything. But of course I would like it to be quick and easy, as well as healthy.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Crazy hair!

Awhile ago we went to see the ducks, apparently Reese thought the bread was for her. But she loved it. She likes to quack with the ducks.
 Reese's hair is kind of out of control, every time she wakes up it's sticking up in every direction. I have to wet it down and blow dry it a couple of times a day.

Reese is starting to talk, and I love it. The doctor said she should only be saying about 3-5 words, but she's saying about 33 ish. It's so fun, because it seems like she says a new word every day. (mixed in with a lot of jibberish.)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Why do we buy toys?

This is Reese's new chair, Kennedy and Hadley came over and they can both fit in it.

Reese's favorite thing is this dang laundry basket, I can't keep her out of it. Maybe for christmas next year we should just get a new laundry basket.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Ry Ry!

So it's official, Ryan, Ashley, Ethan and Kris are gone. I put pictures of Reese and Ryan on her little shelf by her crib, because I don't want her to forget him. And first thing this morning she did was point to the pictures and say Ry Ry!

Sorry I can't figure out how to turn this pic. But it's so cute with Ryan's arm around Reese, Yes by the way they are driving this, but it's going pretty slow. And Jeremy is real close in case.
Okay hopefully Ashley doesn't care that I put these on there but everyone stays covered. This is after the dinosaur park, and then we came home and Ryan got a haircut, they both ate popsicles and played in the mud. They were so filthy they both got in the bath together. They were having so much fun and being so cute!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Because this was Ryan and Ethan's last week we took all the kids to Dinosaur Park.
Is it sad that her favorite part was the ducks?
The park is starting to get a little shady, we saw this hoodlum loitering around. (okay that's Ethan and I couldn't resist teasing about his doorag, even though is is way cute.)

Ryan was there to put his arm around Reese. At one point Reese was getting close to a dinosaur and Ryan yelled, " No! Reese, don't go by dinosaur!" He's always trying to protect her, and I love it.

Doesn't she look like she's having tons of fun?

Monday, August 4, 2008

Baby contest!

So hopefully no one thinks I am a bad mom but I entered Reese in a baby contest on Saturday. It was in Harrisville for their little celebration they do. I just thought it would be fun. She won three out of five categories, ( and barely lost one.) She won cutest dimples, longest eyelashes, and most energetic. She barely lost in fastest walker, and it was kind of my fault. She was way ahead and almost across the finish line and I reached out to grab her and she thought I was playing and turned around and ran the other way, so then she lost. Oh well for the crowd that was the most entertaining part. They made her strip down to a diaper, although I had her wear her cute boots. And as we were walking to the car it looked like she was going to hitchhike and run away because her prize looked like a suit case.