Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kangaroo Zoo

Reese's preschool was going to kangaroo zoo for a field trip, but she ended up getting sick for about a month. So of course, she was so sad. So I promised the girls when they got better, we would go.Well it took us about two months, but we finally went today.

Look at how sweet these sisters are.
It took Rylee about an hour and half to be comfortable. She was so nervous. So about the time I was ready to go, she was just starting to play.

I have to say Reese sometimes is pretty nervous herself about going down big slides. But she did so good. She wasn't nervous even once.

Anyway my brave little girls had fun!

Friday, February 24, 2012

allergic reactions?

So we have been having issues with Rylee having allergic reactions. The problem is we're not entirely sure what it is she's reacting to. I think it has something to do with plastic, or hair product. What has been happening is that she breaks into violent looking hives. Her skin gets red and she gets white spots that raise up. It looks scary and then in about 20 - 30 min it's gone. Here's a picture of just some small ones. These were by far the least scary. (The scary ones, I certainly wasn't taking pictures, I grabbed her and ran to the instacare.)

This picture, is about the 6th time in a couple days. At the time she was holding one of my plastic hair clippies. So I think it was either the plastic, or the product that was on it. (But how can you tell?) The reason I'm posting this is I'm wondering if any of you have had this happen to you or your kids. I'm not sure how to get to the bottom of this. Sometimes I see it and have no idea what she recently was touching.
So if any one has any ideas, I'd be glad to hear them.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Super Good Photos!

So, I know I've talked about my sister, and her amazing photog skills before. But I'm just trying to let you in on this awesome special. If you need pictures or need anyone who does, I would call her immediately. I've had her do mini sessions before, and it's really nice to get in, get some awesome pictures, and get out. Plus wouldn't it be cute to do pictures with cute colorful hats and scarfs? Anyway, check it out, you won't be sorry!

Happy V-Day!

(Ok, this first little bit is off the v-day subject,) but it seems like it's been awhile since I've mentioned the deer. And they've been going nuts, basically you pretty much don't got more than a day or so without seeing them. I think for the most part they don't leave. This day I counted thirteen, right in our yard.
The girls love it- but it makes it hard for Jeremy to keep a garden, which is something that he and his family have always done.
Ok, back to Valentine's. We went early in the day (which is the only way to do it if you want to avoid the craziness,) to go pick up our heart shaped pizza. Which is maybe becoming our new tradition. (Maybe I need to find something yummier to make our tradition, but the girls loved it.) So afterward we went to visit the ducks, something that Rylee has been dying to do, but we haven't done since it's been so cold.
I told my sister (who's in Australia, it's her summer so it's hot,) that it seemed so warm. It was a balmy 47 degrees :) So it was nice to spend a few minutes outside.
The girls and I decorated our downstairs room, which seemed to look much better in my memory, than in these pictures. But we had it all set up for our romantic dinner for 4.

Here's the girls with our hot date. They liked it, I think valentine's day has turned into more of a family thing now. Maybe when their older, and we don't have worry so much about babysitters, we'll get back to us.
On top of our heart shape pizza. I made us a heart shaped chocolate pie, mmmmm.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Who knows:

I just didn't have anything to blog about this week. So I thought I'd leave you with two cute pictures of my girls, (looking kind of like bag ladies.)Ok, technically Reese doesn't look as much of a bag lady as Rylee, but still, a messy ripped Cinderella dress, is not so classy.
Anyway, enjoy, and I'll try to think of something else.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

SuperBowl Party!

I was so excited on Saturday when Jeremy told me we were going to have a superbowl party. We haven't for a long time, and I love doing them. Here's my first attempt at cake pops, I decided not to try anything to crazy, it's definitely different to work with runny chocolate, than frosting.
Here's our table full of goodies, more came out later, but that was just to get started. Needless to say we had plenty of food.
Here's our little Rylee cheering on her team.
And the Deamer's, (I believe Tayler is passed out for this picture.) It was probably 7:30 you know, pretty late I guess.
Here's the Hansen Fam, minus Hadley, who was in the other room playing the entire time.

Not super exciting, but just how I like it. Good family, and lots of good food.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Happy Groundhog's Day!

Groundhog's day means a little bit more around the Deamer house. I think especially this year, the day was filled with thought for Jeremy's grandpa. Groundhog's day is his birthday. And this year he would have turned 90 year's old. He came within around 2 months, to turning 90.
It certainly made us think of him on that day, hoping he was somewhere celebrating with Jeremy's grandma. These pictures, of course were of his birthday last year, with his little groundhog cake and Reese. He certainly was a remarkable man, and a perfect Grandpa, and great - grandpa. The girls have a spot in their hearts for him, and I'm happy they were able to see him so much. Even little Rylee talks about him, I don't know how long her memories of him will last, which makes me sad. But I'm happy for the time they got to live next to him and visit every day.
So Happy Birthday, Jim! And Happy Groundhog's Day!

2012 goals

Well, I'm not a big new year's resolution person, but I do have a few goals for the year, and I decided that if I wrote them down publicly, it will help me do them.
#1 Be more patient with my girls.
#2 Read my scriptures, (I used to read every day, now not so much.)
#3 Make an effort to go to the temple.
#4 I want to be able to run a ten minute mile. (I'm not sure exactly how to do that one. If any of you runners have some tips, let me know. I'm averaging a 12 minute mile, which is, clearly, a lot slower. Today I decided to run faster, to see if I could do just one 10 minute mile, and I made it in 11 min. but then was kind of burnt out after that, for the rest of the run. I don't know how people run so fast.
#5 Run 10 miles. (Now this one would be a lot easier, (and quicker) if I was running a 10 min mile.) But I think no matter what, I want to do it at least once, before the year ends. (I'm toying with the idea of running a half marathon,) but if not I want to at least do a 10 miler by myself sometime.

I have a few more, I'm thinking about, but maybe don't need to be posted. But for now, I think these are doable realistic goals, that I better accomplish this year.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Last year in my twenties, starts now!

Yes that's right, I'm officialy 29. I have to admit I am a little bummed about it, which I am fully aware is stupid. You can't help aging, so why worry about it, but I do a little. But I have to say I had a great birthday. Now I have to admit, I'm way funny about my birthday and usually spend that day kind of bummed. Well not this year. I felt content, calm, and happy.We started by celebrating early, which turned out great. We went shopping, and to the Jazz game, and then a night's stay without the girls at Hotel Monaco. Then the yummiest breakfast at the Original Pancake House. (If you've never been there, do yourself a favor and go.) We watched Man On A Ledge, (really good), and then headed home. We picked up the girls and headed out to my Brother's house for some yummy hamburgers and fun. It was a full couple of days, and then I got to chill and hang out on my actual birthday, which started off with Jeremy making my breakfast, (see he did a good job). Then I was able to go to lunch with my friend, and have dinner with the Deamers. Darlene got my fav pie from Sandy's. Really it was great, thanks to Jeremy (The best Husband in the World.) And to Darlene, Jody, and Tayler for babysitting. Here's to a great birthday, and the start of my last year being young!
Here's just a few random pics of the girls. I had to get a picture of Rylee in her monkey jammies. She loves these, and wants to wear them every night, then she walks around saying "I'm a monkey, ooh ooh aahh.