Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year!

Here's our first little challenge of the New year: Potty Training!
I remember when I potty trained Reese I vowed I would wait till the next one was older. But now here we go again and instead of waiting till she's older, I've started five months earlier. She seemed like she was ready, and she's been wanting to do it. So far she has been doing ok. We're on day three, and she's not doing as good as Reese did. I have to admit with both girls I wanted to give up after the end of day one. But we're sticking with it, and hopefully by the end of next week we'll be diaper free at the Deamer house.
Here's our new year party, that sadly ended at about 7:30. The Deamer family is not crazy about staying up till midnight. Here's Reese and Hadley driving Hadley's new little Jeep.
Here's all the kids, doing their crazy faces.
This one is supposed to be all smiling, I guess they mostly are.
Then we decided to make gingerbread santa sleighs. Our turned out pretty ugly, because as soon as I got frosting on the cookies, this is what happened.
There's the evidence right there.
See that is one weird looking santa sleigh, which is ok. We did it for the experience right?
Happy New Year!


Megan said...

LOVE the picture of Rylee licking the frosting. Too funny. And Jeremy is looking more and more like Jodi. I realize it is his father, so that is normal...but I said it anyway. lol.

Leah Aston said...

Fun! I forgot you had the little potty for them. Do you think that's better than just training them on the real toilet? Not that Jaren is even remotely close. We may never be diaper free in our house for many a year! :) Good luck, I hope it's going well!