Saturday, December 17, 2011

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

For those of you who I do not have addresses for, here's our Christmas card picture. Yes, this is actually our first Christmas card ever. (My sister Mandie took this picture, isn't it great, you can check her out at

This year, we finally broke down and bought a fake tree. It really is so pretty though, I do really like it. It has berries and different textures of needles on it.
Sigh, another squinty eyed smile. This wasn't really the best day for us to put up our tree. Jeremy's grandpa had just passed away, and we hadn't slept in days. But I guess we felt we needed to pretend everything was happy and Christmasy for the girls.

Poor Rylee, looks like a boy in this picture. She just doesn't have enough hair yet, and I apparently didn't have the energy to make it cute that day.
One thing is I'm glad we got it up before all the out of town visitors, and the funeral, or we probably would be just getting it up. So here's to our fake tree.
Merry Christmas!


Megan said...

Your Christmas card turned out super cute. I usually do one, but did not take any pictures this year. I am a slacker of a mom. Go you!

Leah Aston said...

Yay for fake trees, they really are nice. They're so symmetrical and you can keep them up for as long as you like, less of a fire hazard. We had to put our up in stages and I haven't taken any pictures other than us just getting the branches out. I need to do that now. I love that first picture you have of Reese! And I love your top blog picture now. That's so cool to be by that couch in the middle of nowhere. Really fun! You guys look great!

Harris Family said...

Your Christmas card is darling. Sorry to hear about Jeramey's gpa. I hope you still were able to have a great Christmas season. Merry Christmas!