Monday, June 29, 2009


 After we laid our sod the other day, Dave (my brother in law) was saying he felt like going to Yellowstone. Well Jeremy jumped on the bandwagon, and although Jeremy and I were supposed to run in the Pleasant View 5k we left anyway. It was a last minute trip with us and the Hansen's.We found the girls some cute cowgirl hats and boots for the fourth of July. The reason my niece Kennedy is not in this pic, is because she would not wear a hat. And when I tried to take a pic of all three girls, one was always turned around or something.
So Reese is suddenly obsessed with "Dave" aka Heather. I don't know why she keeps calling her Dave. So poor Heather always had one of her girls plus Reese holding her hand as well. The girls loved this area because it was steamy.

Fishing Bridge.

In case you were just thinking I looked a little heavy in this picture, particularly in the mid section, you're right. That is a baby bump popping out a little. It will be here in Jan.
We had a good trip, Reese did surprisingly good in the car especially, (thanks to the DVD player.)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My sod is done!!!

 This post isn't about how excited I am to have my sod in - which I am. This post is to tell you about how thankful I am for my community. Now we have been trying to get the sod in our front yard for about three weeks but, as you all know it hasn't stopped raining for three weeks. So Jeremy came home Mon. and said the sun is out let's order half the sod and try and get it down. Well since it was Mon. night we decided not to call anyone, and just do it by ourselves. Then Heather and Dave showed up. Then a boy on his bycicle, Kenny Parkinson, who we knew, gets off to help us. Then a truck full of most of his fam. then his older sister and boyfriend, then a neighbor just walks over. then our bishop and his son. Needless to say within a few minutes we had a huge crew. If I hadn't been trying to work I would have cried. I know none of them read this but I am so thankful for them, I was so touched. And a big thanks to Heather, Dave it's hard to help when you've also got tow little ladies to chase around, but they came anyway. And Jody and Darlene also who helped take load and loads of weeds away, before we could get the sod down. And of course to Jeremy who did a ton of the work. We finished the rest off today with another neighbors help and two boys as well who we didn't have to ask again. These people are amazing. My grass looks great thanks for all the help everyone.

Friday, June 19, 2009

My sister's visiting from the land down under!

 My sister Leah flew home from Australia for a visit. (She's living there with her husband, who is Australian, after getting married last June. So we haven't seen her since then.) She just got here last night so we were excited and went to lunch with everyone. (which means about a bazillion kids and minus all the dad's who were working, other than my dad.)We ate at Fazzoli's, where luckily, no one else really was there. But the kids did pretty good until the end, you know when you don't get them in the car quick enough so they start running around the restaurant. Reese just watched, like wow crazy kids.
Next we went to the parkway. It finally felt like summer so it was really nice. I'm excited to have Leah home for almost a month.
Reese and my nephew Noah were playing in the sand, I thought it was so cute how they kept laughing at each other. Reese has this new thing with not liking being dirty, but she just laughed it off today, so that was good.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Girl Trip!

 For those of you who don't know me, I am a bit of a homebody, (well maybe not homebody, but I like to stay with Reese and Jeremy.) I have a bit of separation anxiety. Well, I decided to be brave and join my sisters, and mother in law for a trip to Cali.I'm so glad I did, we had lots of fun! Of course with the Deamer girls the itinerary is going to be mostly shopping. I think I bought the most out of everybody though. Above is at the Grove in LA. We saw a pic of Katie Holmes there with Suri on our way there. It was really pretty, it's quite a step above Gateway.
This picture didn't turn out to good but we went to this place, Phillipes that we saw on the food network. The original place where French Dips were born. We also went to Disney Land, but I wasn't too good at taking pictures this trip.
This is right where Ashley lives, there were these gorgeous purple trees all over. Of course they don't look as pretty in the picture. I had pictured LA kind of being ugly in my head, but it was really pretty. Thanks to the girls for inviting me, and to Ashley for letting us invade her house. And a huge thanks to Jeremy for being Mr. Mom for the weekend. Reese had lots of fun with him. It was so nice of all the boys to stay home with all the babies!

On another tangent:

When you realize your 2 year old is being really quiet, you're most likely going to find something like this :

Oh but we still love them don't we? (At least it wasn't my walls :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dear curbing specialist :

 Thank you so much for our curbing I loved it......... But I didn't love......The fact that you cut our sprinkler pipe, and didn't tell me. Not cool.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


 Everyone has to go through this at least once in life, right? Our friend Chris noticed our carpet was wet, last night at about 1:00  am. (Needless to say we stayed up pretty late.) But we're so lucky he noticed. And he and Ally went and got us some fans, which seems to have helped. So hopefully, this is our only experience with flooding. We probably will need to get another carpet pad. But we think we can save the carpet :)
On a completely random note: I heard Reese whining instead of sleeping at nap time - and this is what I came in to find. I'm not even sure how she reached the kleenex box. But I think you just have to laugh at these kinds of things. 
Maybe she just needed to blow her nose really bad......

Monday, June 1, 2009

Lawn, trees, and super fun playdate!

 If you've been past my house lately........... You may have noticed my lawn is looking a little dry.
Just so you know it is on purpose! I'm sure people are forming opinions about us, but oh well. So we talked about it last year and decided that since the ratio of weeds, is much bigger than grass in our front lawn that we would start from scratch. So chemlawn killed it. Then all Saturday we tore the dead stuff up, so now it looks like this:

But don't fear we are going to sod it asap. I mentioned we got some trees cut down. (At apparently a very good deal, accidentally.) This is before:
This is after: You can't tell as much in the picture, but it's a huge difference. We're going to put sod down where they were. An extra bonus, is now we can see the pretty mountains.

We had a great turn out for this month's play group. This is only half, I'm not sure why I never got a picture of the rest. (Mostly because I put my camera back so it wouldn't get wet and never got it back out.) Thanks for all of you who came, I think we all had fun.

Even some of the little babies made it out!

 I know I say this every month, but we'd love to see you all out next time, we had about 11 girls plus a bunch of kids, and it was lots of fun. (Again we go out the first Monday of every month.)