Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fun times with the girls

We were out back the other night, and I looked over and saw the girls, like this. That is not an actual seat by the way, that is a little seat for baby dolls.
Look at those cute smiles, 
We have 1:00 - 4:00 church, which means no nap for Rylee. She sat on the couch the other day, and Jeremy went out to check on her, and this is what he saw. Apparently he used to fall asleep the exact same way when he was little.

 We decided to to go the Willow Park Zoo in Logan, last Saturday. The kids had so much fun.

 I actually got them to look at the camera, hooray!
 Rylee has been mostly scared of slides and parks, but she is doing so great lately!

 The kids loved to see the animals, especially the monkeys, although Rylee loved the big snake, for some reason.

 At the end of the day, I let the girls play outside in the water, and Rylee had a bit of a mishap. She fell on a sharp corner of the water table and sliced her lip. Look at that sad face! Poor girl, her lip got all swollen, I had wiped her face off, because she smeared the blood all over, but you can still see it a little, so sorry if any of you are squeemish to blood. My poor baby.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Bug Catching

Well, here's our new little thing we like to do. It all started when cousin Kennedy started carrying around "rolly pollys" aka potato bugs, in a cup.
 Darlene bought these bug catching kits at the dollar store, and I have to say, it was definitely a dollar well spent. They came with a little net, some tweezers to pick up bugs, and of course these bug catchers  with a magnifying glass on top. Look at that good daddy, helping his girls find snails.
 Here's Rylee showing off her snails.

 The girls have been way into this, we take them with us on walks, and we get all kinds of bugs, it's fun and they love it. And I love that it seems to be making them not afraid of bugs.
Happy bug catching!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Shooting Star Ranch

We had the opportunity to go to the Shooting Star Ranch, and it was so cool! There were ponies, goats, dogs, baby chickens, bunnies, buffalo, and horses.

 Look at that face, is that the most precious thing or what?
 Oh no! now look at that face, I think she was worried, it would fall, I had taken my hand off the bunny, for this picture.
 I kept saying, let's see you touch the goat. She barely touched it, but hey she did, even if it was only for a second.
 I was a little surprised she held this baby goat, but it was cute. She wouldn't hold the baby chickens, I picked one up, and she touched it.
 This was the coolest tree, or group of trees, I guess. The kids loved climbing all over it.
 There was just fun things all over. I remember when I was little, the Huntsville park had some big tires like this, and I loved it.
 Bowen was climbing on the fence, and Rylee wanted to so bad. This is as high as she made it, but still, she's getting bigger.
 Look at these cool swings.
 Ugh, eyes closed, but it was the only one I got with her face in the right direction. And hey, she is smiling.
 This was cool, that they got to ride a horse. This is Reese's teacher, Miss Jodie.
 Rylee, wanted to go on the horse so bad, and I didn't think that they would let her, but they did, and she was so excited. And to my surprise, she wasn't nervous at all.
 Reese even rode bareback, by herself. That is until the horse tripped a little on the rope, and she freaked out and immediately had to get down.
 Look at these cute kids
Really, this was the coolest place ever, my kids loved it.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Random moments from my phone

Well, it's official, I finally have a good phone, so I find myself taking lots of pictures with it, instead of taking my camera places. So I just realized I have so many great moments on my phone that I need to post. Here's a random assortment of things, but just hang in here with me. 

First off, I don't know if anyone else has realized this, but I'm getting old. Number 1 proof of that fact: Reese is so old, she is going to school in the fall. Yes real school! I know I was shocked when I realized it too. So here she is at, what!? Kindergarten Roundup!! It was crazy, but she was so excited, and had a really fun time. I also got ambushed by the PTA, which I was not expecting and may have volunteered for next year, hopefully nothing is set in stone :)

In conjunction with kindergarten roundup, Reese had to have her check up, before she can go to school. One thing that surprised me is that they were a bit worried about Reese being underweight. I knew she was skinny, but she eats plenty, so I never thought of her as underweight.

I know what you're going to say when you see this picture. "Katie, what were you thinking?" Well you'd be absolutely right. This is the first and last time I will ever let them have mini shopping carts together. (I do have to say, that weren't terrible, they just were not great. But look at how cute they are, looking liked big girls shopping.)

I'm not sure why she is doing this with her face, but kind of cute anyway. My Mom and Dad paid for the whole fam to go to Layton Surf and Swim, if you haven't been, it's pretty fun. The kids loved it.

Here's a few random park pictures, we love to go to the park. So as soon as it gets even a little warm, that's where you'll find us.

 Now this one is completely random, we were all outside doing work. (Mostly Jody and Jeremy.) But at some point Rylee got in here and got buckled in, and I swear stayed in there for hours, while we worked, and moved the truck here and there. Random, but cute picture none the less.

First cookout of the season!

I think I do a similar post every year, but try to bear with me anyway. I love being outside, and I love when we do cookouts. And hooray! Cookout season has begun. Here's Hadley, and the full view of the new playhouse.
 Here's the grill master at work. Look at all those yummy steaks, and of course, brats.
 Here's just a quick cake I threw together the night before. Just fun for a cookout. I've been wanting to do one like this for awhile, and now that I have my airbrush I finally could.
 Here's cute Rylee, you probably can't tell, but she is super grubby. She is so funny at cookouts, she just keeps eating and eating.
 Darlene bought the girls each their own bottle of bubbles, which did a great job of entertaining them for awhile. They mostly got covered in bubbles, which just added to the grubbiness.
 This was so cute, I thought. So I had to take a bunch of pictures of them swinging.

 Here's to warm days, hanging outside, eating good food, and having fun with family. Happy cookout season, I hope there's many more to come.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New playground

Well the Deamer family has been talking about buying a playground set for years, and they finally did it. Lucky for us we live right close so our girls get to use it all they want. 

These are from day 1. (It took about a week and a half, with Jeremy really doing it every minute he possibly could.) It was a big project. I even did my share of  holding things in place, or handing drills, or getting screws. But it all payed off.
We're so lucky to have Jeremy, he's so handy. He really can build or fix anything. And he's cute too :)
 See that face? It's worth it for sure.

 They love it, although Rylee is scared of the slide.
Anyway, fun playing for us! I love that it is warm, and it's so nice that we can go right outside and play, Reese hasn't even asked to go to a park lately. Hooray!