Sunday, January 27, 2013

Snow Caving

Ever since last year, Jeremy has been waiting for there to be enough snow to make a snow cave. And this year, it happened. The girls were so excited. 
 It was so huge, Jeremy worked so hard to make it for them.
 Here they are inside. Reese was sad though, because we never ended up sleeping in it. I have to say, I'm kind of glad, because I don't think Reese or Rylee could have made it through the night.
 One pic of me and the girls.
The girls loved it, what a good dad!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


 Hello! If you've been wondering where I have been, it's just that we misplace the cord to transfer pictures to the computer. Luckily Jeremy found it this morning in his drawer. (I have no idea why I didn't think to look there :)

Ok on Christmas Eve, our little tradition that we started a couple of years ago, is to cook and decorate Santa's cookies. This was the first year that Rylee was able to help. (Tip: Put twisty ties around the end of your frosting bags, and then they can't squeeze frosting out the top.)
The girls love decorating the cookies, and I let them do it by them selves. The end result is not the prettiest cookies, but I don't care I'm not eating them, Santa is.
Here they are in their new jammies Gradma Darlene gave them. Ready to put out the carrots for Santa's reindeers.
Christmas morning. We actually don't have a lot of pictures form this event, because we were mostly taping instead. But here's Reese in her Merida dress.
 And Rylee in her princess dress. You can see all the wrapping all over the floor.
 Oh this one is slightly out of order. This is at Chery'ls house the night before when they got their jammies.
 Christmas morning at Grandma Darlene's house. I believe Grandma Darlene may have bought out the Disney store. All the girls got a lot of Disney dolls. Which was nice because I have to say, Reese didn't get a lot of toys from Santa, so it was perfect.

 And one last pic with all the kids in their christmas Jammies. It was impossible to get them all to look, but Reese and Rylee are smiling in this one. From the left we have, Ethan, then Grey, Hadley holding baby Harper, Reese and Rylee, in the back, and Kennedy, and Ryan in the front.
We did Christmas with my family the next day, because my sister was coming in from Australia. I have no pictures of that event though, because it was snowing so crazy bad we left early and I forgot my camera. Anyway, Christmas was great. I am so thankful that I had enough to be able to give the girls a good Christmas. I have to say the very best part was getting to spend so much time together. Jeremy was home and it was so nice! Merry Christmas.