Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bitter Sweet

Rylee is getting big. Some of you may have already heard me saying this, but with Reese, I was so excited for her to get bigger, and couldn't wait for the next step. Like sitting, eating, crawling, etc. But with Rylee, I feel like I kind of wish she could stay small. And she is definitely not doing that, she's getting so big already!
weight : 12 lbs. 3 oz. = 21%
Length : 24 inches = 32%
head : 36 cm = 13%

So for average, she actually is a little bit small, but to me she seems huge. (Yes, by the way the head smallness is a Deamer gene.)
The doctor told me to start her on cereal, (again bitter sweet.) That means she's getting old. But it might help with the massive reflux situation we've got going on.

Today she literally soaked me, her, and Reese with puke. And splashed the poor census lady's at the door. I felt so bad, there was nothing I could do to stop it. And Reese was just mad, because since she's obviously shorter than me it got all over her hair, 'and her hair was ruined!' (Yes I definitely raised a girl.)

Back to the point, I feel like before I know it she'll be walking, I'm trying to cherish this time, but it's flying past. Jeremy says things go by faster when your happy, and I guess that's why time is just disappearing.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I love being outside!!

The many faces of Reese

Yes, I am aware it is may, and it's a little early for a swimsuit, and snowcone party, but nevertheless that is what we did. Darlene bought the kids a water table. I'm not sure if you can tell in this picture, but Reese has no bum, and she does not fill out her swim bottoms. And since she doesn't need a swim diaper it makes it even worse. The bottoms just sag right off.

The water table was a definite hit, technically it's a sand/ and water table. But we decided that that would mean we had a mud table as soon as they started playing.
She also bought this little rocket, because they had something like it when they were kids. Although all the girls were to afraid to get near it, they did like to watch it.

You can never have enough pictures of kids stuffing their faces with watermelon. Even Reese ate some.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Tribute to Moms

This is me and my mom. One thing that is obvious about my mom is that she loves life, she finds the beauty in things. Although we tease her when she says the snow is sparkling with fabulous crystal of color, or something like that. She's right and it's good to look for the beauty in things. She's taught me to say thank you, and to say only nice things about people. Now I'm not saying I am perfect at doing these things, but because of the example my mom has given me, I think I try harder. My mom is very outgoing and full of life. I love her, and I love that I can have her to call and ask questions to.
Here's Jeremy and his mom. Darlene is such a good Mother in Law. I know so many people who don't like their mother in law's, and I feel sorry for them because mine is awesome. I think she is the most selfless person I know. She definitely raised an amazing man in Jeremy. She's taught him to be smart, faithful, and hardworking. As a grandma she has been so great to Reese, it makes me wish I had had a relationship with my grandma like they do. And on top of that she's been very accepting to me as the only daughter in law, and taken me in on all the fun shopping trips that they love to do. I'm thankful for her, and for what she has done for us as a family.

Quick side note, I saw this in the food network magazine and thought it looked cute so I had to try it. I have to admit it was not as easy as I thought it would be. Jeremy had to help me. (Can I just say that I don't know many men that would be so willing to help their wives stick 50 cupcakes on a styrofoam ball and then hold it while they frost it.) I don't think I could have done it without him, I'm pretty sure I can't frost upside down.
On another note, he did such a good job giving me the best mother's day ever! Apart from me being a bit on the sick side, the day was perfect. He took Reese the day before to the mall and she told the gift wrapping lady that it was for her. The lady asked "You're dad's buying you Gucci perfume?" Jeremy had to tell her it was for me, I think she was a bit worried. I loved being able to relax, and I even got a back rub at the end of the day. Hello awesome! I told Jeremy we need to do that more often. :) Hope everyone had a great day.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Great in eight!

Ok for those of you who are looking for a workout buddy, I've got the perfect thing. Lauren, me and some others, (I think) are doing a thing called great in eight. You have a list of different things that give you points, like eating good foods, exercising, drinking water, etc. and a list of negative points for eating junk food. You tally your score and report it on a blog that lauren has set up. If you want to join leave me your e-mail and I will send you the list of things. This will be good because it gives you someone to answer to. Let me know quick because Lauren's already going, and the point is eight weeks. Let's all do it together!

p.s. the blog to report is on my blog links as report. So let's do it!

Good Food List

Try to choose the majority of your foods from this list. You get one point for every good food choice you eat each day-up to 10 points per day.

Your browser may not support display of this image.

*whole wheat bread

* Low sugar, high fiber cereal

*Skim or 1% milk

* All fruit

**Oranges; Grapefruit

**Blueberry, purple grapes, raspberries, strawberries, cranberries, cherries

* All vegetables

**Pumpkin, carrots, squash, sweet potato, orange bell peppers


**Spinach; romaine lettuce



*Baked potato or sweet potato

*Oatmeal, brown rice, barley, flaxseed

*Tuna, salmon & other fish (only have 2-4 times a week)


*Non fat or 1% cottage cheese

*String Cheese




*Beans; pinto, navy, black, garbanzo, lentils

***You know the difference between a good food and a bad one, so if one is not on the list, make your best judgment

Bad Food List

Your browser may not support display of this image. Subract 2 points for EACH food you eat a day on this list

*Sugar cereal or low fiber cereal

*white bread/white pasta/white rice/bagels

*Fried Foods

*Bakery items, such as muffins, cake, pie, donuts

*Soda or other drinks with sugar

*Regular mayo or regular sour cream

*Ice Cream

*Potato chips, cheetos, fritos, Doritos, cheezits, crac kers….etc!

*Any cookie w/ sugar

*Chocolate and candy

*High sugar or high carb bars such as granola bars, Cliff bars, Pop tarts

*Hot dogs and regular lunch meat

***You know your body…put anything else on the list that isn’t good for you!

Feeling Great in Eight

A simple plan of healthy eating/healthy lifestyle resulting in possible weight loss and probable gain of healthy habits for life

Here are the rules....
1. The program will run for 8 weeks...starting June 2009

2. You will compete against each other for a prize by keeping track of your points.

3. Track points daily on a point tracking sheets. We will go from Sat. morning to Friday evening each week. Total your points at the end of every week & turn them into me.

How you earn points....
1. Good food points: (there will be a sheet included) Add one point for each good food eaten, up to 10 points a day.

2. Bad food points: (included sheet) Subtract 2 points for every bad food eaten. (No max!)

3. Exercise points: 20-30 min.= 10 points, 31-45 min. = 15 points, 46-60 min.= 20 points. 20 point max per day. Exercise can be done in segments (e.g. 15 min. in the morn, 15 min. after work)

4. After 8 p.m. points: Earn 5 points if you eat NOTHING after 8 p.m.

5. Water points: Earn 10 points for drinking water every day. 64 oz. per day

6. 5+ Fruits & Veggies: Earn 10 points if you eat a combined total of 5 fruits and veggies- count the F's & V's from the "good food" box.

7.Weigh in: Weigh yourself at home at the end of every week (friday night, or best- sat. morning as soon as you wake up) give yourself 10 points for every lb. lost & 5 points for every 1/2lb. lost.

8. Total your points: Inform me of your score by Mon. morn (if possible).

do you?