Monday, November 21, 2011

What are you thankful for?

So today at preschool, Reese had the opportunity to take her dad to school with her and eat pumpkin pie. On top of that they had written down what they were thankful for earlier in the day to share with the group. This is what Reese told her teacher word for word, what she is thankful for:
#1 Rylee (she's cute)
#2 Belle
#3 Turkey
#4 Candy cane treats from santa
#5 My bike
Clearly you can tell what's on her mind, but one thing that warmed my heart, was that not only was Rylee on the list, but that she was #1.

On top of that I'd like to add what I am thankful for.
#1 Our house, (which includes where we live, and our ward.)
#2 My family, Jeremy of course and the girls, and all the extended.
#3 The fact that we live so close to family.
#4 Jeremy's job
#5 Of course the gospel. (these are not in order of importance by the way.)
I feel like I could keep going, but I'll stick with the same number as Reese had.

We are so luck to be have what we have and I owe pretty much all of that to Jeremy and how amazing he is in providing for me and our family.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Katie's Cake Creations

For those of you who have not checked out my cake blog, shame on you. Just kidding, but I wanted to show you what you've been missing for the last couple of weeks.
Here's my cute owl cake.
Turkey cupcakes.
Super cute spider cake.
My spooky graveyard cake.
I have plenty of more cakes coming next month. And I also give recipes and tips for beginners. Click here, or check the link on the side of this blog. Come on over and be a follower, or you can also like me on facebook under Katie's Cake Creations as well. And happy cakeing!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lawn Decorations

I'm not one for decorating my lawn usually, but I couldn't resist putting out this cute little garden gnome. Everyone needs a cute little lawn gnome right? The only problem was mine wouldn't stay where I put it.My mother in law saw this after Halloween and couldn't resist. Rylee loved it too, especially the hat, and little booties.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Snow Day!

Well, we woke up the other day to snow. You would have thought it was Christmas morning, because Reese was so excited. She was dying to go outside from the second she woke up.
Did you notice that in the background our leaves haven't even changed color, and yet we're outside playing in the snow? I know weird, right?
This early snow, was also a rude awakening that we needed new snow pants and gloves.
I realized that pulling two girls in a sled with only and two inches of snow, is quite a workout.
Look at my two girls all snuggly and cute.
One cute snow angel.
And one snow angel, who doesn't get what's going on, but still has to do it anyway.
And the best part of a snow day? Drinking some hot chocolate, and getting warmed back up.... Till Rylee spilled her entire cup all over the floor. I should have seen it coming anyway.
Happy snow day.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Crazy Halloween!

This Halloween was so full of things to do, I barely fit it all in.
Sat night - trick or treating at Dinosaur Park
Sun- make 2 cakes (p.s. check out my cake blog, they turned out so cute.)
then to my mom's house for carving pumpkins.

Mon- Showing off the girls at Jeremy's work, (all 3 buildings.)
Then to Darlene's work
Get home make cookie's for Reese's preschool.
Feed the girls lunch while I frantically, make monster cupcakes
Rush Reese to her preschool halloween party, (cupcakes still in oven.)
Rylee gets an hour nap
Pick Reese up early from her party,
And rush to my Dad's work for annual trick or treat.
Go to Mcdonald's with my fam.
Rush home to get ready and head to Darlene's for chili, and doughnuts.
Trick or treat around the neighborhood, and carve pumpkins.
Watch a scary movie with some friends. (I actually didn't make it through this one)
Then passed out, what a good day!

We decided to do another family themed costume, of the Wizard of Oz characters.
Rylee was Dorothy, complete with Toto in a basket.

Reese was the Wicked Witch of the West. (Poor girl, she was covered in green paint for about 12 hours, I had to keep touching it up too.) I sewed both Reese's and Rylee's costumes, by the way, I think I'm getting better.

Reese wanted to be something scary, which is what started this whole thing.
Jeremy was never able to try on the costume we had until that night, and it didn't actually fit, so we had to do some last minute editing, and he really needed a hat, but oh well.
Here's Rylee after the festivities winding down in her Halloween jammies.
This picture is a bit fuzzy but you have to get Jeremy carving his pumpkins, he always does the best ones.
We couldn't have asked for a better day.
Happy Halloween!