Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fine Art Gallery!

So as you may know my sister (Mandie) is a super good photographer. Well, she has gotten her awesome work together for a fine art gallery. I've been thinking for years that her pictures would be perfect to put on people's walls, well now they can.

She's been going all over, and taking awesome pics, so click on this link to go right to it. Also for a bonus, if you buy anything before sept. 8th and enter the code FineArt at checkout you get 15% off your order.
These were just a few I stole off her blog that I liked, but if you want to see more, go check it out.
There are some super amazing photos of a bunch of gorgeous places in Europe, (I have my eye on a Moulin Rouge photo.) Any way, if you want some awesome art for your wall, check it out, you won't be disappointed.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Weber County Fair.

Well, the Weber County Fair was here, and of course I jumped at the chance to go. You know how I like to find fun things that I can take the girls to. Well, I told Jeremy and he brought home a picture of these kids in bubbles, and Reese was just dying to do it. To be honest, we weren't sure if she would really do it or chicken out, but she did and she loved it.
Honestly, I would have loved to do it myself, except for I don't quite make the 100 lb weight limit. :)
My mom and Dad, and Jeremy came along. Which made it so much fun.
The great thing about having my Dad around is that he loves to "bond" with the kids, so that means he does a lot of the work of carrying the baby around. :) Which is good though, because it helps her get more and more used to them.
The people there were so nice, letting the girls touch their different animals.

I didn't want Reese to get to close to this horse, but I wanted to show how huge it was comparatively.
Speaking of huge, these horns were humongous, it freaked me out.
Reese even got to go on a little pony ride. I took probably 15 pics, and this is the best one I got. I guess it's hard to smile at the camera, if you're trying to not fall off a horse.
All over we had the funnest day, I didn't think we would stay very long, but in the end we stayed about 6 hrs. They had a rodeo that we stayed for that was great. The kids got to see tons of animals which they loved. I will definitely go back next year. My regret is that I didn't submit a cake in the competition, so everyone help me remember ahead of time next year, my goal is to get the best in show ribbon. ( Although the one that won this year was really good, so I'm going to have to do a lot of practicing.)
We had so much fun, I would definitely recommend people going to this next year.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dinnosaur Park

I'd been wanting to go all summer, and we were able to catch it on a RAMP day, so bonus, it was free! Which makes it more fun, because you don't feel like you have to stay so long :)
The girls really liked it, Rylee was a little nervous when I tried to put her by the dinos to take a pic though.
Even getting Reese to touch this one took me awhile.
It was a perfect day. I love taking the girls to explore new things.
I'm always looking for something to do other than just sit at home all week. If any one knows of any other good places to go I'd love more ideas, (especially ones that don't cost a lot of money :)
Happy exploring!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy Birthday to Jeremy!

Well, my honey turned 32 last week.
I already showed a closer pic of the cake, ( a couple posts ago,) it was an angry birds cake. Jeremy likes to have low key birthdays, and just mostly relax. And since it was Sunday, there wasn't much to do anyway. So we hung out in the backyard, and had a nice day.
Here's the birthday boy, grillin' up the food.
Ok, this cracks me up, I don't know who taught her to put olives on her finger.
The day ended up so great, we hung outside till it got dark. We lit a fire in the fire pit, and watched the stars with Reese and Jeremy's fam.
I always want to do a ton for people's birthday, and I was trying no to do so much. But I think he liked it and had a great day.
Happy Birthday honey!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Girls will be girls

Here's just a few different things my silly little girls have been doing lately. I told Reese to get dressed and this is what happened. Tutu's and super capes. Apparently shirts are not important.

Rylee has been copying what Reese does a lot. She follows her with her arms out and says, "fly, fly!"
Who doesn't love ice cream? Especially when it's all over your face.
One day Rylee came out of my bathroom with some of Reese's (clean) panties on her head, saying "hat, pretty." Of course Reese thought it was funny and had to do it too. And you can't not take a picture of total silliness.
I was posting this, and realized we're starting to have a theme here of Rylee putting things on her head. She found this shower cap, and so I had to add this picture to the bunch.
Stay silly!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rylee in the Hospital.

As promised, finally here are the pictures of Rylee in the hospital. I hadn't stopped to grab my camera, so I had to get these off Jeremy's phone. So here's the story : I went to grab Rylee from her bed Saturday (the 23rd) morning. She was throwing up, and there was already a lot of puke in the bed. (Sorry if that's gross.) So I try to clean it up, and she starts puking again. (and again, and again, and again.) So after about the 10 th puke, we call the hospital. (Also this is the third time this had happened in a month, but the other ones were not as bad, and she had been to the dr. and sent home.) So I take her to the hospital, while she's still puking every couple of minutes, although there really isn't anything left.) They gave her and x-ray (which is like a torture device.) They took her blood, (with difficulty) while four of us held her down. They didn't label her blood, so they mixed it with someone else's. (yes I was a bit angry) They then tried to take her blood again and couldn't get any. About and hour later, some special lady came and finally got her blood. A few tests came back ok, so they sent us home. As soon as I got home, they called and talked to Jeremy and said we needed to be admitted. Jeremy and Jody gave her a blessing, and we ran straight back. Where of course more blood was taken, (but it was so hard to get her blood with her tiny little veins, poor little girl.

Once the IV was in and she had finally stopped puking, (this was about 5:00) she finally got to eat a few crackers, and was starting to feel a bit better. The reason why she was there was her immature white blood cell count was very high, which could mean a few things, (including Leukemia, which I'm glad no one told me at the time.) So whatever they gave her seemed to do the trick, and they think it was just a bacterial infection although they can't tell for sure. But the test for all the bad stuff came back negative, so it seems like it was just one of those weird things, and our little babe is doing ok. I'm so lucky to have a husband who can give our sick little babies blessings, and at the hospital, my friend from high school Sheena, was Rylee's nurse. Which was really nice because we were taken care of. As far as hospital stays go, it was ok, and I got to bring her home the next afternoon. She seems to be doing good, and as you can see life is back to busy.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My three cake week last week.

So I had a big week, here is Jeremy's birthday cake. If you are not into gaming, you may not know, but this is my Angry Birds cake. Please excuse the fact that these pictures are on my counter, I was just too nervous to move this cake any more than I had to.The cake is my homemade double chocolate, with an orange cream cheese frosting, super yummy. The pigs, and birds are fondant, the little fort is made out of fudge covered cookies, and the slingshot is modeling chocolate.
I thought it turned out fun, and I think Jeremy liked it too.
This cake, gave me some issues, with the ball. I had to end up scrapping my first one, (after spending a couple hours on it) and start over. One problem is I wasn't given enough time to make all the details that they wanted on the cake. It had a lot going on, but I do like the little details, like the crabs and life preservers. It's hard when they have a picture in mind, because I usually can't get it exactly like the picture yet. Still need some practice.
Heather called on Tues, and needed this cake by the next morning, (she would have waited, she didn't demand it.) But I figured why not just get it done? So this cake was for Taya (her baby-sitter's daughter) who had just received a green bird for her birthday. So I busted it out that night, so she could take it in the morning. Again, not perfect, or exactly how I wanted it, but still cute.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy 24th!

Here's how our 24th went. Rylee was released from the hospital, and awaiting us at home was as close to a family reunion as the Deamer family ever has. All the Creamers were in from Oregon, and the Tattons came up from morgan, and elsewhere. Me and Rylee were maybe not the most bright eyed and bushytailed of the group considering we barely slept, but we still made a showing. They had every family take their pictures, which was good because we never get one all together. (ps. we didn't match on purpose, we're lucky I matched my own clothes. It just ended up that way.)
Here's the entire Deamer family, (minus spouses and kids.) I don't know why this picture looks so weird, I wasn't the one taking it, I think.
You have to have a cowgirl outfit for the 24th. Does she look like she just got home from the hospital? She was such a trouper.

She even got to stay up and watch a few fireworks. Which I'm sad to say, was her first time ever seeing fireworks. She did really like them.
Happy Pioneer Day!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Camping Day Trip.

So I'm too much of a chicken to actually go camping, but my family was camping, so we went up for the day.
My Dad was so nice to take Reese down the river, I was too afraid to take Rylee, but I knew Reese would be safe with my dad and she had so much fun. That is definitely the first time she has done anything like that.

So if there is food, (or drinks of any kind) that is where you will find Rylee. She is hard, when there is a table full of food, she wants to climb right on the table and eat everything. I think she had quite a few cheetos.

That was definitely her fav part of the day. Little did I know we would be admitted to the hospital the next day(pics still coming), she was acting just fine.

Any way I was driving home, and it had been such a good day. And the air in the valley smelled so good, like freshly cut hay, and I'm not sure what else, but sometimes you just have to step back and realize how great life is. In that moment everything was very good. I'm glad my family does fun things like this, even if I didn't actually sleep in a tent. Which in the end was probably a very good thing.