Monday, August 30, 2010

Goin' Campin'

A few weeks ago Jeremy, Reese, and I went camping in the great outdoors.
We laid on our sleeping bags and watched a Harry Potter on the laptop. Reese kept saying, "This is so much fun! This is so much fun!"
You can't go camping without roasting some hotdogs and s'mores.
Yes you may realize that the fire pit looks a little familiar, yes we went Backyard Camping. It actually didn't work out as good as I thought, Reese is such a crazy sleeper, I had legs kicking my back the whole night. But in the end she had fun, and that was the point. I think if I ever take her camping again I'm going to need some kind of partition, Reese sleeps like a crazy person!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Goodbye to the Ogden Temple

For those of you who don't know the Ogden temple is getting a massive makeover. So a few weeks ago I took my activity days girls down to the Ogden Temple. I wanted to take them down before it changes. I realized we don't have any pictures of us in front of it.

One thing I didn't realize is how beautiful the Temple grounds are there. They have the most beautiful flowers everywhere. I was so glad we were able to go one more time before they change it. And that Reese and Rylee have some pictures of it to remember how it was.

If you have a few minutes, I recommend going down there, it's so beautiful and peaceful, and before you know it, it's going to be a whole new temple.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Another slightly random post.

You know how they get in these weird phases where they do the same thing for a week?
This was it:
Scrunchy Face.
Actually this doesn't do scrunchy face justice. I couldn't quite catch it on camera, but this is close. I think she's already bored with it, well it was funny for a week.
Help help! Rylee is eating food now, so that means she does not want to eat her bottles AT ALL! If any one has any tricks into how to get them to drink formula I definitely need to hear them. BTW this is her with prunes on her face.
My mom always says "you're full of prunes," when your being silly, and I thought it was funny because Reese keeps asking, mom is Rylee full of prunes? And I say, well yes she's totally full of prunes.
I came upstairs one day and saw this:

Rylee was getting a ride in the baby doll stroller. I laughed then ran for the camera.

Ok so I found my friend Heather from highschool's craft and sewing blog. I saw all these cute projects she was doing and had to copy them. The bonus was they were all done with scraps and stuff that you pretty much have on hand. So I made them that night.
Up above is a taggie quilt, Heather's was a little cuter, but this is what I had on hand.
I thought these fabric rings were so cute, Rylee likes them a lot. The bonus is when they get yucky you can just throw them in the wash.

You have to have cute soft blocks to match your rings. Heather put plastic bags in hers, I thought that was a good idea, so they crinkle. And on the other one I made a makeshift rattle using a plastic baby food container, with dry beans.
Heather has all the instructions on her blog, if you want to check it out, they were super easy. Click here.

I took Reese to the Dentist. And I was floored by how good she did. Our dentist is of course my sis in law Heather, but she doesn't come till the end. While I was getting my teeth cleaned she kept being so sweet and saying it's ok mom just hold still and your teeth will be so clean.

What a big girl I have! They even took her in a different room and I wasn't even with her, and she still did so good.
p.s. If you're looking for a dentist, my sis in law Heather Hansen, at North View Dental is fantastic!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Gettin' older!

Last Saturday was Jeremy's birthday. It was such a nice day, we mostly hung out and did nothing all day. Then ate a late lunch with his family, and then we suddenly decided to go stay a night in SLC.
I love these pics of him with each of the girls.
It's funny when you get older how your birthdays definitely change, Reese opened every one of Jeremy's presents I got him. When we were in SLC I got him an Ipad, and it seems like Reese thinks that's for her more than him.
Notice the cute jacket Tayler gave him, no it wasn't cold, I think he just liked the jacket and kept it on for awhile.
Rylee of course just sitting and hanging out while we all shoved our faces full of food.
It was hard to think of what to do for Jeremy's cake. I didn't think he'd appreciate flowers and roses. and since he likes fishing I improvised.
Happy Birthday Jeremy! You're the best.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer funin'!

Warning: Lots of pics coming your way.

This is from the 24th of july. Heather and Jeremy had to get up on the roof, because they had a lot of parachute men that blew away.
Darlene got the kids each a butterfly nets.
It was cute to see them trying to catch bugs and stuff.

There's always one kid who won't smile.

I love sad faces.
Since Rylee has been sitting up, she's even more happy and content than usual. It seems like she can just sit up for ever and hang out!

This is a cute treat, that I saw in the food network magazine, It was a little late, but I figured it was still july. ( I cooked little mini tarts and filled them with a cream cheese mixture, and as you can see sliced strawberries, and blue berries.) I thought it was a cute way, I hadn't seen before, plus easy too eat too!

We went to willow park in Logan it was cute. Reese got bit by a duck, because she poked it. and of course we wanted her to do it again so we could catch it on camera.

Happy summer everyone!