Sunday, January 31, 2010

The not so cute baby bump.

This may be something I should not be sharing, but I thought that if it's out there it will make me try harder, so here it is:
Pre preg weight : 159
End of preg weight : 196
Today's weight : 181

End of preg inches around waist : 44 inches
Inches around waist today : 39

Goal weight : 150

I was hoping that just having her would have helped me lose more than it did. The hard part about wanting to lose weight is that I'm not supposed to exercise yet. I'm sure you all remember how it feels. Because now is the time that I'm most motivated to do something about it.
So far I have no pants that fit, and my loosest shirt still shows the left over baby gut. Good times. But at least I have a super cute baby girl to show for it all.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Our first week!

Life with two little lady's has kept us busy. But not as much as I thought it would. It has gone really well. This time I just feel so much better about everything, not so nervous. On top of everything Jeremy is still off work, which is the best because we don't get to have him around very much. And he's been so helpful. So far Rylee is an incredibly good baby.

To start the week off, we had to deal with this:

Dang billirubin! Rylee had Jaundice, so not only did we have to go back to the hospital every day, but we had to put her under the light. It was so sad to put her in this, because I felt so neglectful. (You're not supposed to take her out unless to feed her.)

But she's out and doing good now! Reese loves her little sister. Other than the day at the hospital when Jeremy had Rylee and they were washing her. Reese was crying and said "Daddy has a new best friend! He doesn't love me." She has been fine since, but she has always been a bit more sensitive when it comes to daddy showing attention to other kids. And since she couldn't go in the room it made her sad. But she has been good with it ever since. Although she keeps calling the baby Molly, (who is a baby that her babysitter watches as well.) In fact today I even called her Molly!
First Bath:
She liked it for a while, (mostly in till I started scrubbing and washing.) Of course I had a little helper, which did mean Rylee got splashed in the face once, but not too bad.

Rylee has been sleeping extremely well. In fact maybe too well at night. The doctors always say to wake them up in the night. But I hate to do that. Because we all want them to sleep in the night right? So tell me what you all think, should I just let her sleep? (p.s. we're talking long, she slept eight hours last night, I accidentally turned off my alarm clock.) Plus I still woke her up, who knows how long she was going to sleep. So should I let her? She is eating good in the day, and staying awake good. I feel like she's thriving ok, so why not? Advice please. p.s. I'm not meaning to brag :) I just have good sleepers!

My babysitter is having a baby and is done watching kids, that means I have seven weeks left to find a new babysitter. I work two days a week from 9:00 - 5:00.
If any of you know of anyone will you let me know? Or you can let them contact me.
I am really hoping to find a young girl, or a mom without kids that wouldn't mind coming to my house. I am hoping maybe some of you know a nice girl in your neighborhood/ward, or have a nice sister, or friend. Please let me know if anyone comes to mind.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Our sweet baby is here!

She's here : Rylee Kate Deamer!
Born, Tuesday Jan 19th at 5:23 p.m.
6 lbs. 8 oz.
19 1/2 inches
So far, she is such a super good girl! We are still working on nursing - she has done well at times, and quite uninterested at other times. I don't know if this will continue, but yesterday she slept very long at night. In fact at one point she was absolutely impossible to wake up.

An unexpected thing was that we were able to have visitors, and even Reese came up to see us. As of a week or two ago, the rules were quite different. I was happy to be able to have Reese see her baby sister.

The labor went extremely different than my expectations. I was induce with Reese and 5 1/2 hrs later she was born, with me having a very nice epidural.

That was not the case here. We went up at 7:00 am, had my water broken and was on the pitocin, just like last time. But unlike last time, my body wouldn't dilate. I was feeling pain to where I was ready and get my epidural, about two hrs later than I asked for it. My left side never felt numb on my leg, but I couldn't feel my contractions so they thought it was fine. I continued to not dilate past a 1 and 1/2 which was getting frustrating. I was nervous I might have to have a c- section. Then at three thirty four ish, after having been feeling very good with me epidural I started to feel the contractions again on my left side. After about an hour or so it was getting way bad, and not just my left side. They tried to give me something else, at that point I had suddenly dilated to a 5. So I was hurting but excited. After he gave me the medicine I felt more and more pain and pressure. After only 15-20 min, I was a ten. I felt at this point like I had had no epidural at all. Although I'm sure it was still helping a little. The doctor came up, and we pushed for just a few minutes and she was out. I could swear I felt all the pain. I definitely cried. As soon as she was out I felt so much better.
She barely cried when she came out, which I didn't even hear, and so far hasn't cried much since.
I am so thankful for her, and for our little family. I loved having Jeremy there who held my hand while I pushed and cried like a baby. I am so thankful to have such an amazing father for my two little girls.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Super random post:

I realized that I have a lot of small things to post, that I might forget about once the baby comes so I lumped them all together in a random posting.
First off, bitter sweet news is that I had my last day at the salon yesterday. Jeremy is going to finish my salon at home, so I won't be working at Split-enz anymore. Which has been my home away from home for just over 6 years. I was excited to be done working, so I could have the baby. But not really excited to be done working there, if that makes sense.

Ashley my sister in law made me this super awesome quilt for the baby, which is now hanging on the wall. (p.s. she sells her stuff on her etsy shop, pepper perch.)
My sister Leah (in Australia) had her baby boy last Friday. As far as I know he is still nameless, but very cute. I stole these pictures off facebook, and apparently have no idea how to make them not so tiny. So hopefully you have good eyes.
I never showed pictures of my last cakes. This is my final cake.

This one was just for fun.

This one, although some may find it a little creepy, I thought was still fun.
Speaking of a little creepy. This is Jeremy and my bro. in law Kris, at Kennedy and Hadley's b- day party.

We didn't get a pic. of them though, because let's just say, it's their party and they can cry if they wanted to.

Bambi and his friends, are still keeping permanent residence in the back yard. But I have to say it's been better with the annoying people walking in my yard with cameras this year.

To end the randomness, I was getting Reese ready for bed, (which is why she has no pants on.) And she started jumping from our couches. So I got some pics, thanks to the good camera.

Quick baby update : They are starting my on next tuesday the 19th! Yes I am so anxious. I will be posting next week with some pics.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
We had some slightly illegal fireworks. This is Ryan looking up at the view.
And this is my brave little daughter not looking up at the fireworks.

This is just a little part of the seafood feast Darlene cooked for us all.

In the day we had a little snow party.

Of course Jeremy always finds some way to make it more dangerous. He's being pulled on a snow board by the way. I was expecting something bad to happen, but he was just fine.

Little scowler.

I love pictures of these two together.

Earlier that day Jeremy had a tiny sore throat and I accidently gave him some Nighttime medicine. Of course it knocked him out. When he woke up the boys decided to help wake him up a little.

A little crowded on the sled!
Happy new year to everyone.