Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Mmmm, hamburger....
Definitely need fries too.
I originally was going to have them wear these as their costumes, but we changed our minds. But last night we were late for a neighborhood party, and I had these so, I put them on. I think they're so cute. Jeremy's mom Darlene made the hamburger last year for Kennedy isn't it cute? I love that she mad a pickle clippie to go with it.
I've been wanting to do this for a couple weeks, but haven't had the time, since we had nothing to do this morning, I dragged the poor kids out into the cold for a few pictures.
Now clearly I'm no photog, I need to take lessons from my sister, but still, I thought I might as well try. A few turned out cute.

I have a hard time getting them both to look at me and smile, (I'm sure most people have the same problem.) In this one they are both smiling and looking, it's not great, but at least their both looking.

Notice something different about Reese? She had me cut her some bangs the other day. Also here you can kind of see her highlights. She also had me put her feathers back in. Afterward, she said "mom, it's fun to change your hair, huh?" I said " I like to." She said, "I like it, maybe next time we'll cut my hair short." This is funny because she has been very adamant about the fact that girls with short hair look like boys, and she always wants her hair long. But it looks like she's got the hair changing bug.
I'm not sure how professionals make pictures look so much better, these look fine, but there's just something in my sisters pictures that gives it that extra umph, and I wish I knew how they did it. I guess that's what we pay them for right?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Our fun weekend!

Well, it was UEA, and even though none of us go to school, we decided to take a little vacay. My Dad works for the Weber county school district, so he was off, and decided to take every one to Park City.On the way up there we went to the zoo. The weather was perfect, good time for going to the zoo.
This family trip was a bit small. My sister Leah is in Israel, Ben is in New York, and Mandie was in Vegas doing ragnar. So What was left was us, and Jake, Becca, and their kids. During the day, Jeremy, and Jake had to work, but we had fun with all the kids at the zoo.
I swear every railing we came upon this is what Rylee would do.

On the left are my twin neice and nephew, Mason and Avery, then Rylee, my cute nephew Davis (who is a little tuff guy,) and of course Reese. p.s. The twins are not identical, (which is impossible, obviously) but apparently they get asked that all the time, people are clearly not smart sometimes.
I have pictures of us with this monkey thing, you have to get a pictures with this don't you?
I'm pretty sure, I brought the stroller for the opposite situation, but Rylee was doing a pretty good job, pushing Reese around.
Look at how cute they are, I'm pretty sure Avery got squashed but she was a trooper.
I have the same picture of my in this little turtle shell also. I should have had her take off her glasses, but oh well.

Another picture hanging on something.
I got so many cute pictures of the girls.
Had to get an action shot, can I just say, that about a week or two ago, Rylee wouldn't even go down a small slide, but apparently this trip she finally got some guts.
How's that for a cheeser?
Oh look, me and Jeremy were actually there, now we have proof. We never get any pics with us in them.
We took this awesome walk down the canyon. And another trail that was lined with scarecrows, the weather was so nice.
Random fact: Rylee is obsessed with firetrucks, if we ever hear one, her jaw drops and her mouth stays wide open for about 5 min. Three firetrucks passed us, and I had to take a picture to remember how funny it is.
Oh hanging on something again?
Isn't this picture cute?
We played tag at the park, all together, really it was so much fun. What a fun little trip, it was nice to take a break. Happy UEA everyone!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Reese's field trip

Don't ask my why her teacher decided to set them up for a picture right by the port-a-potties, that's a lovely shot. Can you see what a stinker she is? She's on the far right, I don't know why she does this sometimes, but it's always in public.
While we were going through the corn, Reese kept saying, "we're never going to get out of here!" Well we eventually did.
Reese said she wanted to have the boys in our car this time, and she did much better this time talking and interacting with the other kids.
So of course I had to push Reese down this slide, (before you think I'm a bad mom, I went down with her first twice. Really she just needed to go down by herself, ) She kind of threw a fit at the bottom, but then she went down it about 100 more times after that.
See how much fun she's having now?
On a side note, Jeremy bought Reese some spider webs, and a few scary skeletons. I was a little worried because I hate that kind of thing. (I just think it's kind of ugly.) But the girls loved it, and they kept the spider webs in Reese's room, which is good because no one has to see it.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Don't judge me.

My Reese has been begging to get her hair colored for over a year. Well we finally gave in. I had hoped I could hold her off till jr. high, but obviously that is not what happened.
I have to say, that I have two personalities that have been battling about this. The mom says no, and the hairstylist in me says, why the heck not?
Now before you go freaking out on me, it really does look pretty. Plus look at that face, you can tell she's so excited.
It all started when we ran to the beauty supply to pick up some color. Reese said "mom, you're really good at doing people's hair." (apparently she was trying to butter me up) "Do you think you could color my hair blonde?" I said I could, but probably wouldn't. She continued to ask me the entire drive home. And me thinking fully that my husband would say no said, "Reese if dad says it's ok, then I'll do it".
As soon as we got home she rushed down and he told her yes, but not all blonde only highlights, (which I'm glad he stipulated.) Any way I just used a high lift, (for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, that means not as damaging and not too bright of a blonde.) She was sitting there saying, "I'm so excited, I'm so excited."
In the end, I think she was a bit disappointed because she doesn't look blonde. But it just looks kind of like sun highlights, I should have taken an after shot. I'm sure there will be plenty of pictures later. Anyway how cute does she look under that dryer?

Friday, October 7, 2011

Katie's Cake Creations.

I have been debating about this for awhile. But it's official, I have made a separate cake blog. If you'd like to check it out there's a link on the side of my blog, or you can click here. The main reason for doing this, is for those who would like to check out cakes but have no interest in looking at pictures of me and my kids.
For the record I am making cakes for anyone who wants one. And if you'd like to refer any friends over to my blog feel free :).
Thanks everyone for the encouragement.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rainbow Trout

Again the picture is a bit fuzzy, I swear I'm going to get it under control. Anyway I made this cake a couple of weeks ago for my B.I.L. Dave. His friends were flying in for a fishing trip. He insisted on carrot cake, with pineapple, which I have never done before. But I turned to Ina Garten, who has never led me astray, and like the rest of her recipes I tried, it was perfect. (p.s. I almost doubled the pineapple and omitted the raisins and walnuts, because that's just gross, If anyone wants to google her recipe, I recommend it with those few adjustments)
Also this was my first hand-painted cake, although I think it doesn't look quite as good in the picture as it did in real life, I really thought it turned out good. And on top of that I was glad to try out this new technique, and get it under my belt a little bit, because that will open up some new options in the future. Also it's hard to tell, but I put the gills underneath the fondant, which gave it a cool look, which I haven't done before.

Overall I liked this cake, I didn't feel there were any issues with it. Happy Fishing!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Just a few random things.

I was making dinner and Rylee was playing so quietly in her room, so I peeked in, and had to snap a quick picture of her in her toy box.Just trying to think of things to do, and we ended up finger painting. Obviously Reese is embarrassed I'm taking a picture of her in her panties.
Reese loves when they have things that match, and Rylee got handed down a pair of these Jammies from Heather's girls. They were being so cute, doing all these poses for me.
Cute cheeser. Oh there's nothing snugglier than a cute baby in feety jammies.
I think this was on labor day, we decided to have a quick fire, and look at the stars, it was really nice.
I'm pretty sure this was Rylee's first experience with a fire, and she really liked it. She's such a scavenger though, you take your eyes off her for a second and suddenly her mouth is full of marshmallows and she's unwrapped bars and bars of chocolate.
I know Reese's eyes are closed but it was cute of Rylee.