Saturday, December 10, 2011

Random goings on:

This is another one of these posts, where I just throw on some of my random pictures, that don't necessarily go together, but still things I'd like to show. So hold on tight, here we go.

Well the other day I was making my third cake in 2 days, and Jeremy took one for the team and was playing with the girls. I went down and this is what I found, he was not only reading them a story, but he had helped them make a big pillow fort.
I thought it was cute and had to take a picture. And probably every day since then, Reese thinks he needs to build them another fort.
I have a lot of pictures of Reese when she was about this age with her hair crazy, because of nap, and I couldn't help but take this one Ryllee, to show that they're both crazy sleepers,
I don't know why I even bother doing their hair before nap time. Do you love how she always squints her eyes when she smiles? I hate how it always looks like her eyes are closed.
This is the second snow we got. Reese had been dying to make a snowman, since about May, seriously. But the snow was not at all snowman making snow, (let alone the fact that there wasn't enough of it.) Anyway I did my best, and made a midget snowman. I know it's pretty sad, but it seemed to be good enough for Reese and Rylee.
I had to use a shovel and really try to smash it down into something resembling a snowman.
I just walked into Reese's room one day and saw this, (Rylee in Reese's toy baby bed.) It cracked me up and I had to take a picture.
Ok, it's been awhile since I took these. This was in Novemeber, on our last warm day, Jeremy and I decided we better rake up his Grandpa's leaves. Reese got her little mini rake and helped as well.
I love leaf pictures, I feel like you have to take some.
Jeremy actually let Reese steer (clearly he was right there,) But while it still made me a tad nervous, but she seemed to actually do pretty good.
That's the end, maybe my next post will all be on the same subject.


Megan said...

What a good Daddy. Why is it they are always the fun ones? Well, that is the case in our house anyway. I love the crazy hair nap pictures. I remember loathing the fact that I pretty much had to do Anna's hair twice every day as a result. I enjoy that that those days long gone ;)

Palmers said...

So did you get the duck hunter for wii or for x-box? I had that game for nintendo back in the day and loved it. Mabey I will have to google it. That is a good idea. Oh and I love the picture of Rylie in the baby craddle. That is so dang cute!

Leah Aston said...

I love that shot of Reese in the leaves, it's so pretty. And the snowman shot made me laugh. It looks like it's melting away. :) You're a good mom. Making a snowman is hard work!

Harris Family said...

You girls are so cute and growing up so fast. What a fun daddy.. I can't believe all the snow you guys are getting. It kinda makes me sad to think I won't see snow unless I come back up North to Utah. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!!