Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Baby shower!

My friend Ally is having a baby boy soon, so it was time for a baby shower! (I stole this idea, off of Megan's blog, and made these out of tissue paper I thought they were cute. ) I don't know if Jeremy appreciated me crinkling tissue paper in his ears for and hour while we were in bed, but that was the only time I could do them. :)
There is the lovely prego herself. I should have taken way more pictures, but then it got a little hectic and I forgot.
Here's the food, I was so nervous about not having enough, I dreamed about it. But in the end we had more then enough.

I was so stressed out about lack of space, with the amount of people we had invited. But in the end it turned out just fine. And bonus on top of that, Jeremy put up my cupboard doors, and I painted some more things. I guess I need to do things like this more often, so I can get my few last things around the house finished.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Can you guess who is the oldest?

Here are three little babies, relatively close in age. Baby Lincoln on the left, (Jeremy's cousin Kara's baby.) Rylee in the middle, and baby Addy on the right, (his cousin Royce, and Lauren's baby.)

Although it may not look that way, Rylee is the oldest. I had been thinking Rylee was getting so big and chunky, and then these cuties show up and I changed my mind. Apparently I have a petite little lady.
At about the time of the picture : Lincoln = 2months, around 14 lbs.
Rylee = 4 months, 12 lbs.
Addy = 3 1/2 ish months, 17 ish lbs.
Never thought I'd have the little one, they were all so cute!

Speaking of being a big girl - I decided it's baby cereal time!
Not liking it here as much apparently!
Reese was in her face a lot, and seemed to be excited to see her get baby cereal.
She's doing good with it now, maybe now I can fatten her up. :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Jeremy's surgery

I wanted to post to let everyone know that Jeremy is doing great. He had surgery on his other knee last week. He did very well this time for me, he was a good patient. I didn't take a picture of him, but that's ok. You can imagine, those awful ted-hose they have to wear with your leg up, and an ice pack. He's recovering fast and I'll have him out doing jobs for me in no time!