Monday, March 30, 2009

Feel'n better!

I have great news, Jeremy is officially feeling better!! He still has still had headaches, but no migraines since his surgery, which is definitely a good sign.  And this week he went out to till up the gardens, although it did snow the next day. Reese loves to ride on the little tractor with daddy. I have taken so many pictures of them doing this at different times. But each time is different right? On a random note, do you ever wish you didn't buy your child something? I think I'm starting to regret buying Reese these necklaces. She has to put them on as soon as she wakes up. But all day long she constantly taking them on and off, that's where it gets annoying. They get all tangled, and of course she gets upset when I won't let her wear them to church  other places. But what's important is that she likes them right?

PLAY GOUP!!! Is this Monday. We're going to meet at the Clearfield Aquatic Center. For those of you who want to come it should be way fun. 

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mother of two...... for the week.

Is anyone else antsy for spring? The sun came out and so did we. We went to the park three times this week.

This week we have had Kennedy, staying with us. And I'll admit it wasn't too bad. I guess I can have another child, (but that doesn't mean to start expecting an announcement.) We didn't do great with sharing at first but the more we had her the better and better Reese did.But I am happy to say that Hadley, (although not actually better yet is home, with a home nurse coming every day.
Reese is missing her little sister for the week. But I will be glad that people will stop looking at me like I'm crazy and need to know about birth control. Also I do have to admit it is definately harder to go anywhere, but I felt like the kids liked to be out so we went out a lot. And it wouldn't be a complete experience without a cousin bath pic.
Anyways, the point I'm trying to make is Kudos to all of you super moms with multiple children. Because although I see that it can be done, (more kids) I am also very aware of how easy it is with just Reese.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Party Time!!

Birthdays are important at our house, and Reese kept saying oh cute! So I think I did it right!
Last year we drove out to Provo for the cake and I didn't want to do that again, and I ended up having Lee's do it. I was nervous that it wasn't going to be good, but I thought they did so good! Plus the bonus is that it was close, and not so expensive.
Plus I think, Reese liked it!
I realized I didn't get pictures of her with her presents, except this one, from grandpa, and grandma Deamer. She can't ride it too good yet but she likes it and keeps trying so that's good.
And then............... a little afterparty crash.
The next morning we had her well child visit.

Kennedy and Reese were playing peek-a-boo, it was so cute. This is what Kennedy's (my niece) been doing.............
And this is what Hadley, (her twin sister) has been doing. 
Heather, Dave, and Hadley all spent the day,(and night) in the hospital. She's all kinds of sick, and they're doing more tests to determine if pneumonia is on the list of things wrong. 
Anyway it was a good weekend if you weren't a Hansen. We had fun and are anxiously awaiting the return of Hadley!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Inadequate coloring skills!

It's Reese's birthday tomorrow and I wanted to make the invitations myself , because I had a picture in my head, and I thought they would be cuter then just generic invitations that you buy at the store. Well I put quite a bit of work into them and was a little disappointed, they turned out a little bit kiddish.I thought at least I'd get an A for effort. But when I delivered them, Jeremy's aunt said "oh is that something Reese made in nursery!" ...........
"uummmm no."  I thought my coloring skills were a step above Reese's, but I guess I was wrong!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Why nothing stays clean!

I have had a slight problem keeping my french doors clean,(among other things.) Why don't you just clean them Katie? is what you're asking, and the answer, is I do. But then  this happens:
Also because when Reese sees me wiping things down, then she "helps mommy" by wiping them down with her hand, which we all know is the reason I'm cleaning it in the first place. Moral to the story is, don't look to close at my french doors :)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Fun in the snow!

Ok so the snow wasn't so great. It was a little deep for the kids to walk in, but we had fun anyway. I made a little makeshift sledding hill in the backyard and some of the kids liked that.

They ended up just playing on the slide and swings, mostly because it was easier than walking in the snow. After ward we had a picnic in my front room. Where all the adults ate nuggets and kid food along with the babies. (Maybe I won't be asked to cook again, but I think it worked out ok, who doesn't like a little nuggets and mac and cheese?) Afterward Reese did the classic lay on the kitchen floor with a blanket over her. I think Benjamin didn't appreciate it, I thought it was pretty funny he laid on top of her for awhile then just kept trying to pull it out from under her.
So for those of you who couldn't make it (lots of people had sick babies,) it really was a lot of fun. We'll plan on doing it again the first Monday of April. We are most likely going to the pool because that was fun.