Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Deamer Family has had a rough week.

Can you tell what you're looking at? This is the view out my mother in law's back door.
Now here's the full view. It you look really close, can you see a tail light? Yep Jody's car is under that as well.
On top of some other stressful things this week, this was just one more thing. But they were really blessed that it wasn't worse. On top of everything Darlene was still planning a birthday for Tayler, during this whole thing. Also as I watched out my window, I could see the tree next to our house lifting up the dirt, as it swayed in the wind, luckily it hasn't fallen yet. And we're hoping to get it cut down before we loose another tree, that is in a very dangerous position.


Megan said...

My mom told me about this, but saying it does not do it justice like those pictures do! That is absolutely insane! I am glad that no one is hurt!

Leah Aston said...

I'm glad everyone was safe. Have they cut down your tree yet? Be careful!