Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Reese's first day of Kindergarten!!

It's official I have a big school- aged child! I can't believe she is that big. 
 Here she is in front of the doors at school.
 Of course Reese had to wear pink, that is her fav color. And she basically doesn't wear pants ever anymore, it always has to be a dress or skirt.
 Hanging up her backpack,
 Here she is at her desk. Sitting right next to her is my friend's cute little boy, Bowen.
 So who was the most sad about Reese going to school? Rylee. Rylee said, "mom I'm sad about Reese. Can we go feed the ducks? It will make me more happier." So of course I took her.
 Although now everyday since Rylee wants to feed the ducks after we drop Reese off, and I have to tell her we can't do it every day. Rylee just started crying, in the middle of the classroom. "Reese, don't go!" Reese was so cute, and gave Rylee a big hug, patted her back and said, "It's ok Rylee, I will be back soon, don't be sad." It was so sweet.

Since then she has done better, but still asks to see the ducks, and still says she missed Reese. I'm so proud of Reese, she is such a big girl!