Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Season

Ok, let's start this post off with some cute girls in some cute dresses. These dresses were a black friday deal that Grandma Deamer bought for the girls. They love them. (Although it could have been a potato sack in pink and they would have loved that it was pink and sparkly.)
Even though they are getting older, it's still hard to get a good picture, but I guess we got kind of decent ones.

I love these cute girls.
Now you've got to have pictures of decorating the tree.
There's Rylee with her firetruck ornament.

I love this one of Reese and her daddy lifting her up.
Oh no! I didn't get one with Rylee and Jeremy, what was I thinking? And it doesn't even look like I was there, oh well. I was by the way.
Earlier that day, they had both gotten a webkins, and I should have made them put them down so I could take the picture, but clearly wasn't paying attention.

Now for Santa, I have said this a few times, but I'll say it again. This Santa that comes to Bicentennial Park in North Ogden is the best.
This was Rylee's first time sitting on Santa's lap without crying. She did ask for something that she wasn't going to get, but oh well, she seemed to forget. I apparently don't have a pic with just her and Santa, instead I took video.
This was that first good snow day in December. Reese had gone to a birthday party for her cousins. And I was trying to not let Rylee realize that she hadn't been invited. So when she asked to play in the snow, we went right out. Doesn't it look beautiful.
 I thought she wouldn't have much fun playing in the snow by herself, but she loved walking around, making tracks, and of course snow angels. She would stop a few times to pull on the branches, and the snow would fall on her. It was so cute.
The next post can cover Christmas now! Happy Holidays everyone!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Leafin' fun!

In the fall the girls had been begging to jump in some leaves, so as soon as there was a sunny day, I raked up a quick pile and the girls had so much fun.
 Of course, You can't play in a pile of leaves without mom taking a hundred pictures right?

 This is actually the only picture we took on Thanksgiving, last year Tayler had taken a picture of us. And I felt like it was something we should do again. I forget a lot to stop and have someone take a picture of us because we're always behind the camera.
 This is a completely different Leaf day, this time we were raking it all up. So my nieces were there as well.
 Bit of a mischievous face in this pic.
 Can you see them, in there?
 The best part of this day was Jeremy put up the Christmas lights.
 We were loading all the leaves in the truck to haul them away. The girls were in there smashing them down. I love this pic, Jeremy took it from up on the roof.
 Last year after Thanksgiving, Grandpa Creamer passed away. This is the one year anniversary of his passing. Jody and Darlene bought a pretty Christmas wreath and Jeremy took up some little pumpkins that he had grown in the garden. I thought this was such a neat picture.
I know that it is way past Thanksgiving, but I didn't post on time, and wanted to say quickly, that I am so thankful for Jeremy and for the girls. I love our family, and I am so thankful for our house and where we live. We are so lucky and so blessed, I hope all your thanksgivings went well.

Sunday, December 2, 2012


I have to say that I am surprised at myself for getting this far behind. So sorry, but here we are, the Halloween costumes! We like to do it as a family, Jeremy and Reese came up with the idea for this year months and months ago. 
Rylee was Igor. (As in Dr. Frankenstien's assistant.) The cutest thing of the entire thing was that if you asked Rylee what Igor says she would lean over (to get a bit more hunchy) and say, in a scratchy voice, "Yes master." Poor girl said it about 100 times, but never seemed to be bothered by it. I think she liked the fact that it made everyone laugh.

 Reese was of course, Dr. Frankenstien, (aka mad scientist). Actually kind of surprising that both my girls were boys. And I have to say that all day people kept thinking that Rylee was a boy. Poor girl was wearing black and her hair was covered with a bald cap,  so you couldn't tell that she was a girl.

Reese would say, "Igor, pull the switch!" and Rylee would say, "Yes master."
 So of course, we had to have Frankenstien, which was Jeremy. So I was the bride of frankenstein. Although I didn't wear the wig that sticks straight up, but I was hoping that would still count.
 Here we are at Jeremy's aunt's house which is a family tradition to visit, before we go out trick or treating.
 Now this is them raising the monster. ( That's a good dad.)
 Jeremy was a good sport, with the makeup and scars and screws glued on his neck, I'm sure it was annoying, but he was great.
 There we are, the monster, and his bride.
The night was so great, we had a great time, the weather was so nice. Happy Halloween!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pre Halloween Post

I just had to post a few of these from the first snow. I can't remember the date, but it was a week or two before Halloween and we woke up to a little surprise. The girls were so excited they had to go right out and play.
 They didn't last long, but that's ok.
 Now on to the Halloween festivities. These were actually, pre-Halloween. Tayler (my sis in law) decided we needed to have a family Halloween party. Our Rylee had a cough and we didn't want to bring her to my sis in law's house to be around her new baby. And seeing as we do a family costume, and we didn't want to do it without Rylee we had to come up with something quick. So nerds it was.

 Reese was so funny, because I don't think she quite got why we were dressed like that. She could tell it was funny, but she didn't know why. She was cute.
Here's a little something I whipped up for the party. Moist Lemon cake, with a fresh raspberry and lemon buttercream. Most importantly it was frankenstein. 
 Everyone dressed up, and they had some games for the kids, complete with prizes, the kids loved it.
 And a party is not complete without a makeshift, "photo booth"

 The next night was pumpkin carving time. We had Jack o' Lantern shaped pizza.
 Jeremy's family is really good at carving pumpkins, even the little girls used patterns so everyone's pumpkins looked great. I didn't get any great shots of them though, I am sad to say. But they were really good. Here's the girls with Jeremy.
 Here's Rylee's effort on her pumpkin, she pulled the pieces out after I cut them.
 I love carving pumpkins, it was fun especially now that the girls are getting older.
 Had to get a shot of them in their matching skeleton jammies. These are actually from last year, and I'm surprised Reese's still fit. Although I am kind of pushing it, they worked for that day enough I think. On a side note, my girls are so hard to get them both to look at the camera and smile. I think I took 20 pics of this same pose.
 Halloween morning, we woke up early (for the girls, not for normal people.) and headed to the school, for Reese's Halloween parad. We didn't want to have them wear their actual costumes, So I let them choose anything else that we had. Reese was a fairy, and Rylee was a cupcake. (I made that a couple of years ago for Reese.)
 It was very surreal to me, to be sitting at a school waiting for my child to walk through with all the other big kids. Plus there was so many people there I couldn't believe it. The whole thing made me feel very old.
 This is her with her class, and her teacher, Mrs. Judkins.
Well that finishes off the pre Halloween stuff. And then I will finish off with another post of our actual Halloween costumes.