Sunday, April 25, 2010

Oh kids!

This may look like just a cupboard to you.........
But we have our own little Harry Potter home....
Jeremy had to empty this cupboard to drill a hole through the wall, to my salon. Instantly Reese had made it into her little home. As you can see, she's brought up blankets and toys. It cracked me up, and she would go in and shut the door and stay in there for a long time!
The cupboard has since been filled back in, and Reese keeps trying to get back in anyway.
I was trying to get some cute pics of the girls. These were taken about a month ago.

I think this one is cute. Rylee's been smiling a lot lately, and recently started laughing, which is the best noise on earth! I love her little cooing talk. I can't wait till she laughs all the time.
I just can't believe how much I love these little crazies!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rylee's blessing day.

We blessed Rylee on Sunday. I had her wear the same dress as Reese but just sewed her a new sash.

Reese was a little bit bugged that I wanted to take pictures, even though we were already late for church, (or nursery.) But you can't even tell :)

We totally lucked out, weather wise. It was so warm and sunny, a perfect day. Especially since we don't have too much room in our house, it was good to be outdoors.
I'm not sure what Kris' problem is in this picture, but I thought it was pretty of Ashley, so on the blog it goes.
Darlene and Tayler.
Ashley took some pictures and I love them

This is our first picture at all with all of us in it.
Not too bad, only took us three months to get a family picture.

Ashley took this too I thought it was cute, Ryan and Grandpa.
I am so proud of Jeremy, and so happy that he could give Rylee a blessing. And he did such a great job. I know she'll be happy when she's older to realize her Dad was able to do these kind of things for her. The day went to good, it's fun to have family over and realize how blessed you are.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Inches and pounds!

So I have been super discouraged lately because of the leftover baby weight. But I just wanted to announce that I have lost 5.4 lbs! And on top of that, a much needed 2 inches off my stomach.
So that means I have 30 lbs left to go.
Yes, it sounds daunting, but I was so happy to realize that I had lost that first five. (That took me about two months.) So at least I've started to chip away at it. This is going to take hard work, and I'm going to make myself do it. Let's just hope it doesn't take another two months to lose the next five.
I woke up at 6:30 (which is really not that bad,) and went for a run outside, I am determined to do that at least 3 to 4 times a week. I was kind of using the excuse that I didn't have time to run. But apparently I do, I just have to make time. I also have been hiding behind the "I'm nursing, so I can't diet," excuse while I devour any food that comes close. Not any more, my friends. I am going to do it. Wish me luck, and if anyone wants a running/ weight loss buddy, let me know.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter continued!

Thanks to my mad cake decorating skills, and a cake pan Tayler bought me forever ago... Here's my first, very festive bunny cake. I thought it was cute. (I swear they always look better than they taste.)
What a nice grandpa helping Reese get an easter egg.
The Deamer's hunt eggs, not candy. Which I am a big fan of. We don't need any more treats laying around. I gave Reese that telescope in her basket, (which is really a kaleidoscope, but that's the best I could do.) because she always talks about a telescope (I have no idea why.) But she used it to try and find her eggs I thought it was funny.
Rylee, not really excited about getting her picture taken, but we had to have photographic evidence of her easter bunny outfit.
I love that I didn't think to move her away from the pile of junk on my floor before taking the picture. She looks cute, but not the best background choice!

Yes, I am aware this pic is freaky. We wanted her to show her stained hands, and this is what we got.
Notice Kennedy's hands are totally orange. That means we had fun! The kids went through the egg dying so fast. Although Darlene boiled 90 eggs, they didn't let the eggs sit in each color for very long at all. Basically we had a lot of pastel smudgy eggs.
This is just a random picture of Rylee, but I thought it was cute, in her little sock monkey outfit. Happy Easter!


I'm going to break up Easter into two posts because I have a lot of pics. This pic. isn't Easter related, but cute just the same.
First barbecue of the season, though we didn't actually eat outside.
We went to Barker park for the Easter egg hunt. I thought they did a good job, although they had aerated the lawn, and so there was mud all over. This is such a "my mom" picture to take, from behind. I just think it so cute that way.

Ok, see I got one from the front too.
They had this cute set up. Reese had to hug the bunny first.

Then we got a smile.

And this is what Rylee did the whole time.
Reese didn't get a nap, and while she was eating dinner, I went to grab her another roll, and came back to this. Of course I had to grab the camera first.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Best Friends Ever!

I've switched our bed-time routine a little, before I would try to make up stories and sing songs, but it works so much better to read a real story. I love to lay Rylee in bed next to Reese and we do it together.
Reese has taken to Rylee better than I ever expected. She doesn't seem to be jealous at all, but seems to love her and wants to talk to her, and help take care of her.

The other day they were playing on the floor while I did my makeup in the next room. I heard Reese saying to Rylee, "Rylee when you get big, we're going to play all the time, and we're going to be the best friends ever!" I hope she's right.
I love my cute little girls!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rylee Kate

My sister took these pictures a couple of weeks ago. Taking baby pictures is always an interesting experience. Rylee definitely did better than Reese used to do. I stole these off of her blog, (Illumine Photography).