Sunday, March 21, 2010

My salon.

Now I'm not sure if I've already bragged about my husband before, but here I go again. I happened to be married to Mr. Handy. Before the baby was born I decided it was time to finish the salon at my house. Unfortunately for him, that means that HE was going to finish my salon, since I definitely don't know how to do stuff like that. He has been really busy at work, so of course we pushed it right to the deadline, but he worked really hard gutting this room, and fixing it up for me.

It's not a huge space, but it gives me just enough room for what I need. And it's been really nice to be home, and when I have a babysitter at my house it will be even better! Thanks also to my mom and dad who helped me paint it, since I only had a week to do it, they came and helped a lot.

I've been watching my twin nieces at their house three days a week, and then working two days. I know that normal people work 5 days a week, but I'm certainly not used to it anymore. My house cleaning has really taken the back seat. But this is only for another month and a half. So then I'll be back to being a slacker and only working two days a week.
Thanks again to Jeremy, although he was so busy he worked into the night and his saturdays, to get this done for me. He made it more perfect than I thought he could. What an awesome guy! I love you.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Has it been three years?!

Three years ago this little bundle of joy was born!
These are just some of my favorite pictures I threw on here for your entertainment.

Nice, that's what my belly looks like right now, only that's not as cute for some reason.

Reese's first birthday party that I will never be able to beat, but oh well.

Already a sox fan.

On to the main festivities, these pics are kind of out of order, hey that's what happens when you try to blog and nurse at the same time. :)
We had a fairy-tale themed party. I believe birthdays are important, so I like to go a little big. I know it's probably not as cool as I think it is when I do things like this. But Reese liked it and that's what matters right? I decided the goal is not to top the last party (because that's impossible) but to just make sure they think it's fun.
Rylee was in on the fun as well!
Reese got a sandbox, which I may have bullied Jeremy into letting me buy. But she loves it (like I knew she would,) and had to get right in. Plus it has a lid to keep out the animals.
She did have a princess dress on at first, but it didn't make it.

I've been a little busy and could have not done a party, but Reese turned to me and said "mama thank you so much for my beautiful birthday!" Hello! that is why I do party's I don't care how busy you are! That makes it worth it, she knows I love her now!

All the little ladies in their princess dresses.

I love this picture.

I had plans to make a castle cake myself, and show off my wicked awesome cake decorating skills, but my friend who's cake pans I was going to borrow, was in the hospital, so needless to say I wasn't going to bug her about her cake pans. So Lee's bakery came to the rescue yet again! With almost no notice they whipped out this bad boy, and I thought they did really good!
You have to have a dragon, outside the castle. But of course it was a nice dragon, we had to clarify that right away!
Thanks to family for coming over, I think it was a good party, and Reese seemed to love it! And I can't believe she's three!

Best Friends Ever!

I've switched our bed-time routine a little, before I would try to make up stories and sing songs, but it works so much better to read a real story. I love to lay Rylee in bed next to Reese and we do it together.
Reese has taken to Rylee better than I ever expected. She doesn't seem to be jealous at all, but seems to love her and wants to talk to her, and help take care of her.

The other day they were playing on the floor while I did my makeup in the next room. I heard Reese saying to Rylee, "Rylee when you get big, we're going to play all the time, and we're going to be the best friends ever!" I hope she's right.
I love my cute little girls!