Monday, November 21, 2011

What are you thankful for?

So today at preschool, Reese had the opportunity to take her dad to school with her and eat pumpkin pie. On top of that they had written down what they were thankful for earlier in the day to share with the group. This is what Reese told her teacher word for word, what she is thankful for:
#1 Rylee (she's cute)
#2 Belle
#3 Turkey
#4 Candy cane treats from santa
#5 My bike
Clearly you can tell what's on her mind, but one thing that warmed my heart, was that not only was Rylee on the list, but that she was #1.

On top of that I'd like to add what I am thankful for.
#1 Our house, (which includes where we live, and our ward.)
#2 My family, Jeremy of course and the girls, and all the extended.
#3 The fact that we live so close to family.
#4 Jeremy's job
#5 Of course the gospel. (these are not in order of importance by the way.)
I feel like I could keep going, but I'll stick with the same number as Reese had.

We are so luck to be have what we have and I owe pretty much all of that to Jeremy and how amazing he is in providing for me and our family.
Happy Thanksgiving!


Megan said...

So cute. Nothing is sweeter than the siblings love. Maybe because my kids only express is 10 minutes out of the day ;) Your owl cake is adorable, by the way!

Leah Aston said...

Cute! Who is Belle?