Saturday, July 30, 2011

Just a few different things.

Well, we had a crazy week, with every extra thing you could fit, all packed in. We had a camping trip, a hospital stay (I'll go into more detail next post,) a family reunion, clients, swim lessons, a day is SLC, a night of fishing, made dinner for my cousin who had a baby, more clients, a family dinner outing, a cake order, and a 10 year reunion. I feel a bit relieved this week is over.

On to the pictures, Rylee loves to put on Reese's helmet and just walk around with it on. I know random, but cute, so I had to take a pic.

This cake is not super original but I think it turned out cute and it was for a very special occasion. This is my take on a pinkalicious cake. (It's a book series, about a little girl, who eats so many pink cupcakes, that she turns pink.) This cake was for sweet baby Mckenzie Terry, who would be 2 years old today. Unfortunately she had too many health issues and didn't make it past a few days. Her mom was hoping that if she had a party for her it would help. I really wanted to make this perfect, especially considering the circumstance.
Here's the cupcakes to go with it, I thought they turned out fun, and what little girl doesn't like a pink cupcake with a big pink flower on it. I hope this cake helped them through what was probably a rough day, and I hope somewhere baby Mckenzie saw it and liked it.
On to a lighter subject, one of the million things we did this week was go fishing, at the good 'ol Barker's Fish Farm.
Reese caught 4 altogether, but 2 without help at all. I think all the kids were nervous of the jumping fish at first, but warmed up to it in the end. This one is great with Jeremy, Reese loved that he was there to help her.
Of course I couldn't get her to look at me, but she is smiling :)
Now she's looking, but I think the eyes are closed.
It was a really nice night with the Deamers, we had fun.
On a random side note, I love that Reese and Rylee play together now. This is Reese's new thing to go pick flowers (aka weeds), or go in the Jungle (aka huge weeds in the orchard behind our house) or something like that. I just think it's cute how she wants Rylee to play with her, and Rylee just follows along with her.


Reed & Melinda Family said...

Your cakes are amazing!

Megan said...

How did you do all that and still look all cute & put together at the reunion? lol. For reals though. We actually went to the fish farm on Saturday. Evan was in heaven. Your girls are so cute. And I agree about the siblings playing together - nothing melts my heart more...even if it only lasts a few minutes before one of them hits each other ;)

Mandie said...

That cake and the cupcakes are perfect!!

Leah Aston said...

That cake is so darling. Oh my heavens I started getting all teary when I was reading about that baby who passed away. How very sad. My heart goes out to that mom!