Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cake, cake, cake!

This one was my toned down version of a patriotic cake. (I made it Red Velvet inside, so it was red, white, and blue.) It was my first time making red velvet from scratch, I thought it was a little dry, so if any one has a great recipe for red velvet I'd love it. I saw a pic of this cake, and thought it was such a pretty idea to do ruffles out of buttercream. Although I'd like to try it again with a softer color and two layers, would look a little prettier.
Some less toned down patriotic cupcakes. The frosting was super good. For the first time I tried an orange cream-sickle, cream cheese frosting, delish!
For Kris, (my bro in law's birthday) I had a hard time thinking of what to do for his cake. I was told to do a Heman cake. But I just didn't think I was talented enough to make Heman look cute, or even decent. So in the end I decided to go for RootBeer which is Kris' fav drink. I know maybe a bit of a stretch, but at least he got a cake, right?
The cake was a root-beer cake recipe I found, with Root-beer float frosting, and fondant. The "root-beer" is piping gel tinted brown, and the handle and rim are modeling chocolate. The straw is inedible, oh well what you going to do?
This last one, I just loved, I thought it turned out so fun and cute! Who can't smile looking at a cake like that. I actually did it really fast because I didn't have much of a heads up for it, but I think it was fun to make. Reese cracked me up, I was trying to make smaller lips that stuck out more, and she kept saying mom those look like bird lips do it like this, and did her lips in "fishy style." Well I think I finally got it.
Happy birthday to Fischer, which is why it was a fish.
I'm sure there will be more to come another day, but thats all for now!


Megan said...

The straw is INEDIBLE?! How can you even call that a cake then?! ;) You are ridiculous. It is awesome.

Jenny Weller has an awesome RV cake recipe. Pretty sure it starts with a cake mix thought with a few things added, but it really is good!

Leah Aston said...

I want your recipe for the orange cream cheese frosting, sounds delicious! Also I love love love the rootbeer float cake. So cute. And then I saw that fishy cake. My heavens you are so talented. I desperately need you here for when I need a cake, I'm hopeless at just making a plain ol' vanilla frosting not look sloppy. Sigh.