Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Happy forth of July!

Ok, this is kind of a backwards post starting with the night, but bear with me.
Classic sparkler shot.
I love this, here they are about to watch the fireworks.
Here they are 2 seconds later when the fireworks go off. Did you notice Ethan's not even there? He bolted the second the noise started.
Here's all the kids in firework anticipation.
Reese found these big leaves out by the orchard, and played with them for hours, making leaf hats. That's easy entertainment.
Earlier that day we went over to the Hansen's pool. That was nice to cool off.
Rylee was feeling pretty sick that day, so had to be in someone's lap the whole day, but at least we got a smile.
Reese and baby Grey, I thought it was a cute pic.
We went to the Farr West parade, which I was a huge fan of. It was short and sweet, and there was tons of candy being thrown for the kids. That's my kind of parade.
We decorated the kids' bikes and they rode in the kid parade. Reese was so excited.
The big inflatable slide didn't make it through the weekend I'm sad to say. I'm hoping I can somehow fix it.

The little slide will have to do for now.

Happy forth of July!

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Megan said...

Ya. We debated about going to that parade since year after year the Cherry Days one gets more crazy. I think we will be abandoning it soon. Your 4th looks fantastic.

Oh and sorry about the mix. Junior class, senior, it's all the same, right?! lol. Shows you how much I remember about high school ;)