Monday, August 4, 2008

Baby contest!

So hopefully no one thinks I am a bad mom but I entered Reese in a baby contest on Saturday. It was in Harrisville for their little celebration they do. I just thought it would be fun. She won three out of five categories, ( and barely lost one.) She won cutest dimples, longest eyelashes, and most energetic. She barely lost in fastest walker, and it was kind of my fault. She was way ahead and almost across the finish line and I reached out to grab her and she thought I was playing and turned around and ran the other way, so then she lost. Oh well for the crowd that was the most entertaining part. They made her strip down to a diaper, although I had her wear her cute boots. And as we were walking to the car it looked like she was going to hitchhike and run away because her prize looked like a suit case. 


10zfam said...

reese is so cute. she has gotten so big since the last pics i saw of her. what a cutie. what are you up to? let me know your email address and i'll send you an invite to view my blog

kraan gene murphy

Katie, Jeremy, & Reese said...
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Katie, Jeremy, & Reese said...

Hey Kraan! I've been meaning to see if you're a blogger. I hope you read this. My e-mail is