Thursday, July 31, 2008


It's official, we have grass! Hooray. It used to be just covered in weeds, so this is very exciting. Now Reese doesn't have to play in dirt and rocks. We had lots of help, a bunch of Deamers,  and my parents and brother came over even though my sister got married that day. My brother came over about a week before on a huge tractor and helped us get it all ready, thanks Ben! Even Reese helped on the little tractor with Jeremy. It's so nice to have it done, if you need us we'll be hanging out in the back yard, (well once it gets cooler especially.)


Stephanie said...

YAY for grass!! It looks so good and even better live.

Lauren Tatton said...

Your Yard Looks beautiful! How is your salon in the house coming!? I hope you are doing great I cant get over Reese's Hair she has so much!