Thursday, August 7, 2008


Because this was Ryan and Ethan's last week we took all the kids to Dinosaur Park.
Is it sad that her favorite part was the ducks?
The park is starting to get a little shady, we saw this hoodlum loitering around. (okay that's Ethan and I couldn't resist teasing about his doorag, even though is is way cute.)

Ryan was there to put his arm around Reese. At one point Reese was getting close to a dinosaur and Ryan yelled, " No! Reese, don't go by dinosaur!" He's always trying to protect her, and I love it.

Doesn't she look like she's having tons of fun?


10zfam said...

looks like you guys had fun. i need to take cambree and hailey to dinosaur park some time

Katie, Jeremy, & Reese said...

It was better than i thought it would be. It was really nice.