Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cement, ants, and lambs! oh my!

This weekend we went and helped my mom and dad pour some cement. (Or by we, I mean Jeremy helped, and Reese and I watched.)

If you look closely, Reese's handprint looks like it has 6 fingers.

This is Jeremy re-smoothing the cement after Averie walked through it. Luckily it was fixed quickly, (and no shoes were ruined.)
This is Averie and Mason, my brother's twins. I have a set of twins on each side of the family, (by the way that does not mean that I will get a set of twins. Well, just keep your fingers crossed.)
Apparently the underside of the tramp is just as fun.
This poor little lamb got it's head stuck in the fence. It was freaking out, and we had to call a farmer to get him unstuck. Reese thought it was great to see a lamb so close up. Also there was a lama, Mason and Averie were so excited because they thought it was Lena the Lama. (Apparently you have to watch Dora, or Diego, or something like that, but it was cute.) Also while Reese played on the swings I was unknowingly lying in an ant pile. So after a quick freak out, (I'm slightly afraid of ants, ok it's a phobia,) and a bunch of little ant bites later, we were done with the swings.


10zfam said...

i love the videos, she is so cute. sorry about the ants, i would have been freaking out too.

Megan said...

I would have freaked out about the ants too - creepy crawly things are just no good. She is adorable though - I love the videos.

Lauren Tatton said...

She is so cute! You are going to have twins! I hope all is well! She is getting bigger! I cant believe her talking!