Friday, August 8, 2008

Ry Ry!

So it's official, Ryan, Ashley, Ethan and Kris are gone. I put pictures of Reese and Ryan on her little shelf by her crib, because I don't want her to forget him. And first thing this morning she did was point to the pictures and say Ry Ry!

Sorry I can't figure out how to turn this pic. But it's so cute with Ryan's arm around Reese, Yes by the way they are driving this, but it's going pretty slow. And Jeremy is real close in case.
Okay hopefully Ashley doesn't care that I put these on there but everyone stays covered. This is after the dinosaur park, and then we came home and Ryan got a haircut, they both ate popsicles and played in the mud. They were so filthy they both got in the bath together. They were having so much fun and being so cute!


Lauren Tatton said...

Sad! I love the bath time movie that is so cute! :(

10zfam said...

that is so cute. hey megan's in town and i think a bunch of us are getting together on thursday evening. let me know if you can make it. i'm not sure what we are doing or where we will be but i'll let you know when i find out.

Stephanie said...

The video is adorable! I love bath time with Benjamin partly because he is contained for a few mins.

Ashley said...

Ryan and I just watched the video together and now he keeps asking "where Reese?", he's misses her!