Sunday, June 24, 2012

Relief Society Party

My calling is in the primary, but more than once I have been asked to be in charge of decorations for the relief society dinners. So here we go again. The theme was, "Been Caught up, on visiting teaching." So they wanted it to be beachy, and kind of fish themed. It is always hard to make the Gym, look not like a gym. But I think it turned out cute. Thanks to my friend Jane Overman, for letting me borrow her lanterns that made it so cute.

 I used beach towels to look liked table runners, and got some seashells from the dollar store. And of course some little umbrellas for each drink.

 I get nervous when I make paper things, I'm always afraid people are going to think it looks like an elementary school project. But I think these little trees turned out cute. I made 9 altogether.
 While we were at the church decorating all day, Reese was playing with some boys and got her finger smashed bad, in a door. It was so gross and flat, and I wasn't sure if it was broken or not. I went to the insta-care, but was told before I went in that I could just go buy my own splint, so that is what I did. Poor little girl, her finger still looks black and blue. But is definitely healing.
 So I figure, you need a centerpiece, and you need desert. So why not make a desert that can be the centerpiece.
 So I made six little centerpiece cakes.
 Each one matching the theme in a way.
 This turned out of course to be quite ambitious, considering, you only have one day to make cakes basically, and I needed to decorate the church as well.
 But I made it, and I think for the most part, they turned out great.

Well it was fun and turned out super cute, lucky for me, someone else was in charge of food. Maybe next time I'll just do cupcakes though :)


Megan said...

Pretty much every party I have ever thrown would not have happened if it weren't for Jane ;) She is like my own personal party supply store ;) There is a reason they keep asking you to do stuff though - you do a great job! You are very creative!

Leah Aston said...

The decorations turned out so cute and I LOVE those cakes. They are so darling!!! The beach towels were a good idea and I thought the trees and lanterns were really festive. But again, I thought those cakes were stunning. I bet everyone loved them!