Thursday, July 12, 2012


So last month Jeremy's computer had died, so we had an apt at the Apple store to get it fixed. So we all headed down to the Gateway. Little did I know that we would be there all day.
Also I was unaware that so much would be going on that day, but lucky for us there was a street fair going on that day, with a chalk festival. 
 So I turned out good, because even though we were there all day, the girls had lots to do.
 I feel like every time we go anywhere that has face painting, Reese always wants it done, but we usually aren't willing to wait in line. But since Jeremy was in the Apple store and I clearly had time to waste, they got their faces painted.
 I took the girls around and bought them a few things, it was fun. I really don't take them shopping very often. I was mostly trying to entertain them so they picked out a new hat for Reese, new glasses for Rylee, and a few cheap necklaces from forever 21.
It's fun to be outside, we had a fun day.

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Leah Aston said...

That's handy that so much was going on that day. The face painting is cute. We went somewhere the other day where kids could have free face painting but we weren't sure if the boys were old enough to care. But the girls look cute!