Saturday, June 16, 2012

PreSchool Graduation!!!

Have you been wondering where I've been? I'm not the type of person to fall behind on my blogs, but our laptop had an issue. After hanging out at the apple store all day, my sweet husband has got us up and running. So now I'm going to play catch up.

Ok, doesn't it seem like just a month or so ago when school started. I am seriously floored, that it is over already. And before I know it Reese will be in Kindergarten, yes KINDERGARTEN!!! (Let's leave that for another day to worry about.)

Anyway, here is my preschool grad. She has been going to A Child's Image Preschool. Her teacher was Miss Jodie, (Bybee), and she has loved it.
 She was very excited for the program. She had a part to say, which was, "R is for Ready. All year long we've been learning new things, and getting ready to go to kindergarten." She had it memorized perfectly. And on the way there, repeated it non-stop.

 There they are, aren't they cute?
 My friend's little boy, Bowen is next to her on the left. They walked in to the music of the graduation song. They all gave their parts, (only one poor boy needed mommy's help,) and then they sang some cute little songs.
 There's her, receiving her diploma, by Miss Jodie.
 There's the whole class, and also Miss Jamie, who is Miss Jodie's twin, and teaches as well.
 A quick shot with dad, before he heads back to work. Even Grandma and Grandpa Deamer came, how supportive!
 I think I'm kind of wrestling Rylee in this pic, but oh well.
 And one last shot with Reese's favorite friend, Kara. Reese loved this little girl, we most likely will never see her again, I do not even know her last name, but Reese really did love to go to school and play with her friend Kara.
Now I know some people think Preschool graduation is silly. Well, maybe it is. But Reese loved it, and was so excited for it. And I thought it was so cute. So congrats to my sweet girl. That night, Jeremy came home and surprised Reese with taking her out for a special dinner just us and her. She said she wanted to go to the place with the "pink butter," (Maddox.) Well you don't have to twist our arms to go to Maddox. It was fun, the three of us had a special little night out at Maddox. Congrats Reese!

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Leah Aston said...

I love that graduation cap, it is so cute! Congratulations Reese! :)