Saturday, June 16, 2012

Here's some happenings from about a month ago

Reese went to a friends house and apparently dove off the couch face first. Don't I have lovely graceful children? You should see her shins, always covered in bruises.
 My Rylee, getting so brave at the park. I know for most people it's no big deal, for their kids to play at the park, but for us, it is. We started with baby steps, but now she's making big strides.
 Rylee's obsession with fire trucks continues. We were on a walk, and Rylee saw the fire truck parked out side someone's house. So we had to go get a closer look. She said, "take my picture by the fire truck mom, I love fire trucks."
 Reese's preschool had a water party. Little Rylee got to tag along. I just had to get a pic of her after she climbed  in the water bucket, too cute.
 Oh the hours of fun you can have with a bucket, a bit of water and a squirter.
 Jeremy's sister Ashley is in town, and Reese was dying to play with all the kids. So we went out and got all the kids, and walked to the park. You would have thought we were walking a mile, listening to some of the kids complain. But once we got there it was all smiles, well mostly, till the walk home.
 Rylee couldn't figure out why this horse didn't say "neigh."
 The kids love this tire swing. I couldn't get it high enough, or fast enough for Hadley.

 My dad is retiring. He has worked as a teacher, a principal, and I think, a few different job titles at the district office. They had a open house retirement party for him. We were able to get a pic with him and all the grandkids, (minus the two in Australia.)
 Congratulations Dad! Way to be a great worker. Now on to a fun summer!
Fun week.

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Leah Aston said...

The pics of Rylee are so cute. Wow the twins are so big now, I was shocked! It's too bad we missed all the retirement parties!