Saturday, June 16, 2012

Memorial Day

Yes, I know I'm behind, I'm still playing catch up. This memorial day was a bit more close to home for me, since Jeremy's Grandpa Creamer passed away this last year. The girls wanted to go see his grave as well. Reese sat down and talked to the grave, to let her papa know that she misses him. I thought it was to sad and sweet.

 You can never get all the kids to look, but Hadley really refused to. But I think most of the rest of them are looking in this one.
 Look at these cute sisters.
 And my cute husband, my girls just love him to death. (As do I.)
 Did you notice in the other pictures something that didn't look like a flower? Well, it's a stalk of corn. Jeremy had this cute idea, and I thought it was such a great idea, (that his Grandpa would rather have corn than flowers). Jeremy and his grandpa always planted a garden together. Besides his grandpa growing so much throughout his life, it was one of their things that they always did together. I think he's up there loving his little baby cornstalk on his grave, for sure.
 Jeremy's sister Ashley was in Texas, but here is Jeremy, Heather, Darlene, and Tayler.

 Here's our new, blow up pool. Big enough?
 The kids loved it. It wasn't actually very warm that day, but the kids didn't seem to care. They played for hours.

 I love getting the watermelon shots. I think Rylee had about 6 peices. She's my fruit eater.
 Now this is big, even Reese ate a slice. (Thanks to all my hard work of forcing her to eat fruit over the years. The hard work is finally paying off, and she's eating it and liking it.) Pat on the back to me.
 I'm not sure exactly what Rylee is doing in the tree here, but I thought it was a funny little pic.
Happy Memorial day everyone! I hope all of you who have lost love ones were able to spend the day, with fun and memories.

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Leah Aston said...

The cornstalk is a sweet idea! That pool looks amazing by the way. I don't remember you telling me about that. We should have pulled it out when I was visiting. The boys would have loved that!