Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fun times with the girls

We were out back the other night, and I looked over and saw the girls, like this. That is not an actual seat by the way, that is a little seat for baby dolls.
Look at those cute smiles, 
We have 1:00 - 4:00 church, which means no nap for Rylee. She sat on the couch the other day, and Jeremy went out to check on her, and this is what he saw. Apparently he used to fall asleep the exact same way when he was little.

 We decided to to go the Willow Park Zoo in Logan, last Saturday. The kids had so much fun.

 I actually got them to look at the camera, hooray!
 Rylee has been mostly scared of slides and parks, but she is doing so great lately!

 The kids loved to see the animals, especially the monkeys, although Rylee loved the big snake, for some reason.

 At the end of the day, I let the girls play outside in the water, and Rylee had a bit of a mishap. She fell on a sharp corner of the water table and sliced her lip. Look at that sad face! Poor girl, her lip got all swollen, I had wiped her face off, because she smeared the blood all over, but you can still see it a little, so sorry if any of you are squeemish to blood. My poor baby.


Leah Aston said...

Oh that lip is so sad, my poor Rylee!

Megan said...

So sad for Rylee! I lovce that she fits into the doll seat in the bike. I have heard that Willow Park/Zoo won't be there much longer because of the lack of funding. I hope they find a way to keep it. I love that place!